Everyone deserves a Moustache

This summer my company was planning to hold its second annual company family picnic at the Woodland Park Zoo. Somehow, two weeks before Friday’s picnic we (myself and another coworker) decided it’d be a perfect time to have a little surprise for the rest of our coworkers. We decided to get as many guys together as possible, to grow moustaches. With the survey here, we confirmed that the “Hogan” (sometimes called a handlebar or “the biker”) was the way to go. People without facial hair began to grow, while others with existing goatees or beards just went along their merry way. Reminders to shave were sent out the day before, but it was still an unknown how many people would fully commit.

Friday morning, we had an impressive 7 representatives. A few of the hold-outs had come prepared, and when they saw the ‘staches well-represented, they made their way to the bathrooms with razors and clippers to join (after a little extra peer pressure). We got an impressive 3 converts that very morning! Arriving at the picnic, we totaled a solid 10 moustachioed faces (missing one from this group shot)…

There were some puzzled/surprised coworkers, not to mention their families and kids who must have been rather frightened (or just plain amused).

And here are the requisite close-ups of some participants, which really demonstrate the variety of scruff we achieved: Chase, Buck, Dan (awarded as Best Last Mnute Trim), Larry, Matt, Michael (awarded as Most Surprising-Don’t-Ever-Do-That-Again), Noah, and Scott (winner of the Most “Village People” Award).

I hope the tradition will continue next year.

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