Time to start thinking about snow?

This summer has just flown by, and here we are at the edge of fall. A friend reminded me that yesterday was the deadline for the early season pass discount for Summit at Snoqualmie. I went snowboarding a few times this past winter and it finally clicked for me. I’m excited to go even more this year, so a season pass made sense.

The last time I bought a season pass to a ski slope was probably my last year of highschool, almost 10 (!) years ago. The little slope in my hometown, just a 10 minute drive away, was Ski Sundown. Check out the impressive trail map, and the whopping 625 foot vertical drop! Compared to Snoqualmie, it just ain’t much at all. And Snoqualmie is considered one of the smallest slopes around these parts! It’s hard to believe that Sundown can charge $200 more for their season passes compared to Snoqualmie (probably due to less competition in Connecticut, so Sundown’s essentially got a monopoly?)

It’s a little unfair to compare the two or to complain about Sundown, since I’ve got so many fond memories there. Since it was so close, we could easily go 3-4 times some weeks. There was the ski bus that took us straight to the hill from school, one afternoon per week, and almost every weekend we’d go for a half day, or some night skiing, or both. Some nights it was so quiet, you felt like you had the whole mountain to yourself. There were rarely lines for lifts, unless you went on a holiday weekend. But I also grew up skiing thinking that icy terrain and that horrible scraping sound under your feet was just normal conditions. Little did I know…

The days are getting shorter again in Seattle, which means only one thing… Winter isn’t too far away.

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