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Digital Photos With a Broken CCD

I picked up my old pocket-sized Canon Powershot S230 the other day to take along with me, but when I turned it on I noticed it wasn’t exactly producing the photos it used to. I fiddled with the battery, memory card and various settings for a few minutes without any luck. The playback mode worked fine, but it appeard the CCD, which generates the live LCD preview as well as the photos, was on the fritz. I took a few shots and kinda liked the trippy, purple-hued results. Here’s my broken CCD photoset on Flickr.

The camera also still records the video signal generated from the sensor, so I can shoot my own purple static interference pattern footage. Here’s a sample video feed (2mb, Quicktime). I believe I was panning the skyline in the shot. Can’t you tell?

I’ve had the trusty camera for 4 years and I’ve brought it along with me on many trips, and late-night stumbles around town. It’s been dropped and banged and always continued to work great up until now. On closer inspection, I noticed the left side of the camera body was missing nearly all of it’s screws to hold it together. The metal housing is a bit loose and can shift around. This may be one of the many things that contributed to it’s demise.

At some point I’m sure I’ll get another little portable camera to replace it, but for now I’ve got an interesting new toy. You shall no longer be called Digital Elph. I name you… Purple Haze

Everyone deserves a Moustache

This summer my company was planning to hold its second annual company family picnic at the Woodland Park Zoo. Somehow, two weeks before Friday’s picnic we (myself and another coworker) decided it’d be a perfect time to have a little surprise for the rest of our coworkers. We decided to get as many guys together as possible, to grow moustaches. With the survey here, we confirmed that the “Hogan” (sometimes called a handlebar or “the biker”) was the way to go. People without facial hair began to grow, while others with existing goatees or beards just went along their merry way. Reminders to shave were sent out the day before, but it was still an unknown how many people would fully commit.

Friday morning, we had an impressive 7 representatives. A few of the hold-outs had come prepared, and when they saw the ‘staches well-represented, they made their way to the bathrooms with razors and clippers to join (after a little extra peer pressure). We got an impressive 3 converts that very morning! Arriving at the picnic, we totaled a solid 10 moustachioed faces (missing one from this group shot)…

There were some puzzled/surprised coworkers, not to mention their families and kids who must have been rather frightened (or just plain amused).

And here are the requisite close-ups of some participants, which really demonstrate the variety of scruff we achieved: Chase, Buck, Dan (awarded as Best Last Mnute Trim), Larry, Matt, Michael (awarded as Most Surprising-Don’t-Ever-Do-That-Again), Noah, and Scott (winner of the Most “Village People” Award).

I hope the tradition will continue next year.

Time to start thinking about snow?

This summer has just flown by, and here we are at the edge of fall. A friend reminded me that yesterday was the deadline for the early season pass discount for Summit at Snoqualmie. I went snowboarding a few times this past winter and it finally clicked for me. I’m excited to go even more this year, so a season pass made sense.

The last time I bought a season pass to a ski slope was probably my last year of highschool, almost 10 (!) years ago. The little slope in my hometown, just a 10 minute drive away, was Ski Sundown. Check out the impressive trail map, and the whopping 625 foot vertical drop! Compared to Snoqualmie, it just ain’t much at all. And Snoqualmie is considered one of the smallest slopes around these parts! It’s hard to believe that Sundown can charge $200 more for their season passes compared to Snoqualmie (probably due to less competition in Connecticut, so Sundown’s essentially got a monopoly?)

It’s a little unfair to compare the two or to complain about Sundown, since I’ve got so many fond memories there. Since it was so close, we could easily go 3-4 times some weeks. There was the ski bus that took us straight to the hill from school, one afternoon per week, and almost every weekend we’d go for a half day, or some night skiing, or both. Some nights it was so quiet, you felt like you had the whole mountain to yourself. There were rarely lines for lifts, unless you went on a holiday weekend. But I also grew up skiing thinking that icy terrain and that horrible scraping sound under your feet was just normal conditions. Little did I know…

The days are getting shorter again in Seattle, which means only one thing… Winter isn’t too far away.

Link Sunning in the Park

Link Sunning in the Park

For those of you who didn’t know, Link from the Legend of Zelda lives in Seattle. He is often wandering around the Capitol Hill area of the city, always wearing the same green outfit. I walked through the park this past weekend and there he was enjoying the sun. I believe that’s his handy sword (sometimes thought to be padded PVC or a solid metal bat) in a sheath next to him, leaning on the chair. As the Wiki page describes, he is often seen with “Old Man” and sure enough, sitting nearby on a bench was his friend. There’s more information about Link here.

Days keep on truckin’

What a busy couple weeks. Work-wise, two of my big projects are coming close to release, and at the same time I’m tag-teaming a big spec for another hefty project to get out by the end of the year (99.9% finished today!). This annoying little critter had been keeping us entertained for a while, until he went mysteriously missing. Nobby! “That’s meeee!”

Sweatshop Inc. has been having some good art openings/parties every First Thursday. New clubs, bars, pho restaurants, galleries and boutiques popping up all over the place in vacancies I’d hardly noticed for months. Ran into Corianton and he told me about mp3’s on his site. I like them.

The Blue Angels were in town this weekend. BBQs and parties all over the place. Must be summer.

Finally finished Battlestar Galactica season 2, and holy freaking cow that show never ceases to surprise. Season 3 starts in October. Nearly done with Deadwood season 2. Cocksucker.

Someone has started writing on his blog. Occasionally. Like most of us.

I’d like a Mac Pro, please.

Some interesting words and phrases that have crossed my path lately…

  • adequatequaticism – From Phil Hartman on Newsradio, but I couldn’t find a clip. YouTube, you failed me. Except with this clip, and lots of others I’ll call it good.
  • scour – Used a few too many times in a meeting and it started sounding very weird.
  • amalgamation – Likewise.
  • simular – I didn’t realize this was a word until the dreaded “debate”
  • Wadsworth White Pages – Just because it has a nice rhythm to it.
  • apophenia – Not many connections to make here, but what a nice word.