Materazzi Kicked Zidane’s Ass

It’s getting late now, but I still had to join in and beat on this long-dead horse. It really frightens me how many people have jumped to Zidane’s defense. Of course all of the French papers, and Chirac have all declared him a hero, but why? Maybe in France they don’t teach the whole, “Sticks and stones…” rhyme. Sure, I definitely agree that Materazzi is a dickhead. He’s a dirty player, he’s a punk, and he’s no more than a school-yard bully. He kept pushing Zidane’s buttons until he snapped. That’s exactly what the bully wants. Constant picking, insulting and bothering rewarded at last by a response from the victim. Materazzi wins. Hands-down. Zidane cracked, and he got in trouble with the principal, and as a valuable penalty-kicker, he was out for the final shoot-out.

What I really don’t buy is the rebuttal that, “it was a very personal insult, so it was justified.” Zidane made his annoucement today that he was sorry, but not regrets (is that a cliche yet?). He described Materazzi’s insult, confirmed by various lip-reading translators, as something about his mother and his sister. Translators also threw religion and race into the mix. Who knows what was really said, but I can tell you that the majority of the above reasons don’t warrant violence (I think I learned that in kindergarden). Aren’t the majority of the problems the world’s facing right now having to do with racial, religious or familial differences (let alone revenge and retaliation)? I can’t imagine what the nerves and energy of the World Cup must be like, but… oh, I don’t know. Just play the game. Leave the punkass Italian kid alone. Karma takes care of things just fine without your head-butting help.

2 thoughts on “Materazzi Kicked Zidane’s Ass

  1. alexs

    Umm… Materazzi is more than just ” a dirty player, […] punk, and […] a school-yard bully.” Don’t forget that he scored the only non-penalty goal in the world cup final this year, and that it was a beautiful header. He was also named man of the match in the qualifier in which Italy demolished the Czech Republic.

    Materazzi is also an excellent player, give him some credit.

  2. lopolis

    You’re right, I’d completely forgotten that he was the player that made the header. Yes, that was a great goal. I didn’t mean to completely discredit him as a player, but outside of his shining moments and great skills, it’s apparent he’s lacking a bit of professionalism.


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