A Stringy Long Tail

Another few months, and some more traffic, means more search strings bringing people here. The only real interesting development in my most popular search strings is that in June, “lopolis” is now one of my top 10 search strings. The rest are still most of the same terms as past months, which are, well… you know what.

Search strings are really a great example of the long tail. For example, in the month of June, out of a total 940 logged search strings, the top 10 (the “short head”) strings alone made up a substantial 43% of the total traffic. The middle section of strings, ranging from 40 hits to 4, made up just 27% of the total. Finally, the remaining search strings, getting just 1, 2, or 3 hits each made up the remaining 30% of the traffic. That was 833 of the total 940 strings that got such low hit counts. Long tail indeed.

The past few months have also given me these unique winners…

guinness world record for most poops in a day – I don’t want to know.
what’s up man hey yo what’s up yeah what’s goin’ on here sick a – Ooooh, they’re informer lyrics
brown banana ripeness – Second Google result
dreams about burning cats – Um, no… never
women turn into octopus dreams – Every time
elephants eating people
blogs with girls who take their temperature rectally – What!?!?
drunk snowman – That’s why they call him “Frosty”
eating grass flirty speak – Hey baby, does my green tongue turn you on?
will you go out with me translated to italian = Ciao!
penny arcade beating a dead horse – Very much so
phone browther – Thingular may already have one
poopy snot – Oh yeah, #1 on Google

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