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Discrimination is everywhere!

In case you missed it, my post on gay marriage turned into a long frustrating “debate” with a random visitor. When looking into this guy’s website I found his amazing definition of discrimination… Here’s the breakdown for all levels, a marriage that excludes one sex or another is discriminatory. In a same sex marriage the […]

links for 2006-07-29

Failed Videogame Betas Worth1000.com contest to create game promos for failed game ideas. “Spork: The Game of Cutlery Evolution” (tags: humor games videogames photoshop graphics)

links for 2006-07-28

The Lester Bangs of Video Games Chuck Klosterman on the lack of repected/relevant/important video game criticism. (tags: games culture klosterman videogames article criticism) Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Rainbow Dark Side of the Moon synchronized with the Wizard of Oz (Google Video). Very easy to skip to the interesting parts in this format. […]

A Double Let-Down: Or a very long argument about Gay Marriage

**Update 2 – My original post regarding both Floyd Landis and the Washington State gay marriage decision has turned into a very lengthy “debate” on gay marriage. See the comment thread below. **Update – More news and enlightenment coming out regarding Landis and testosterone. This Testosterone 101 article at VeloNews is especially good. It could […]

links for 2006-07-27

Litwack is Video-Podcasting Funny in a grumpy, anti-Ze Frank kind of way. Geoff likes music, wolf faces and fucking. (tags: video podcast humor litwack youtube)

Google Working on Flash Games?

Like some people with personal websites or weblogs, I have my resume sitting on my site, just hanging out. Every once in a long while I’ll get a recruiter who stumbles across it as they’re doing searches. I received this in an e-mail the other day: I am a recruiter looking for some top talent […]

That Feeling of Dilbert-vous

When Dilbert hits eerily close to home, er… work. On process:

links for 2006-07-26

Does the Tour de France Affect Bike Sales? Hitwise stats showing an increase in cycling retail during the Tour de France. (tags: cycling statistics tourdefrance) Modern Corporate Logos Redone as Web 2.0 Companies Flickr gallery of the various logos joining this meme. (tags: design web2.0 logos flickr branding humor) Google’s growing list of domains Currently […]

links for 2006-07-25

Renaissance – Trailer SciFi, CG, cel-shaded, black and white, noir. Should be interesting eye-candy at least. (tags: film movie 3d animation trailer video) Tour de France 2006: Floyd Landis Outside magazine article on Floyd Landis, this year’s ass-kicking Tour winner. (tags: sports cycling outside landis interview article tourdefrance)

links for 2006-07-24

The Fountain – Trailer Full trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s next film, The Fountain. (tags: film movie trailer aronofsky) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) – Teaser They’re back and in full CG. (tags: film movie tmnt trailer teaser)

links for 2006-07-22

Kevin Smith about talk Superman Kevin Smith gives a long answer/story about his involvement writing drafts of the script for a Superman movie. (YouTube) (tags: humor film movies superman kevinsmith video) The Big Lebowski – F_cking Short Version 2 minute version of The Big Lebowski featuring nothing but the F-word. (YouTube) (tags: film video media […]

links for 2006-07-20

Game Trailer – Valve’s Portal All sorts of creative gameplay examples. (YouTube) (tags: games video valve gaming) The Colbert Report – Amy Sedaris Impromptu tumbling demonstration when Amy Sedaris visits Stephen Colbert (YouTube) (tags: humor video colbert sedaris television)

Paper or Plastic: Choose Your Environmentally-Conscious Battle

Paper of plastic? When I get to the end of the checkout line at the supermarket, I still find myself struggling with this question. I know the real environmentally friendly answer is: bring your own bag. I would never remember to carry a set of reusable canvas shopping bags with me every time I stop […]

links for 2006-07-15

ZeFrank’s Brief History of Design and Aesthetics A good response to a comment in today’s “The Show” by Ze Frank, explaining the construct of “good taste” and how media for the masses changes things. (mov) (tags: zefrank video art design)

links for 2006-07-14

Mickey Dee’s Harnesses McSun for Chicago Billboard Clever McDonalds sundial advertisement. (tags: advertising mcdonalds billboard design marketing) Stephen Colbert does the Hawking “Black holes… bleep… blorp” (tags: humor colbert video hawking science) Solid Potato Salad – The Ross Sisters Very creepy song and dance (Windows Media) (tags: dance music video creepy)