Tour dis-Grace: What’s Left?

None of the top 5 finishers from last year are riding in this year’s Tour de France. Lance has of course retired, and the other 4 have all dropped out on drug accusations, along with many of their team members. The pro-cycling world was torn apart by the names released with the Spanish probe into doping. The prologue stage begins tomorrow and the Tour continues for a few weeks. Who’s left? Maybe Lance should have stuck around for one more.  Of course he’s been thoroughly accused himself.  Armstrong is busy fighting off Greg Lemond’s charges, and the whole world of pro-cycling, past and present, has turned into a spectacular cat fight.  If everyone is doping, then doesn’t that just create an even playing field where there’s no advantage to cheating anymore?  I wonder why the US cycling team trains in Spain and has historically seen a lot of the same doctors and trainers as the accused dopers?  File suits and counter-suits all you want, but the reputation of virtually everyone seems tarnished beyond recovery.  This year’s Tour de France will certainly be interesting, but for all the wrong reasons.

One thought on “Tour dis-Grace: What’s Left?

  1. admiral pp

    what was that movie we saw? i saw it with you in seattle, actually. it was animated, and about that cyclist who just trained all the time.

    that movie was good, though i can’t remember the name.

    anyway, i mention it because that’s all i think of whenever i think of cycling.

    basically, this comment is pointless. :-)


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