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links for 2006-07-01

Firefox Flicks: The New F Word Amusing fan-created ad spot for Firefox. (Quicktime) (tags: video humor firefox browser web)

Tour dis-Grace: What’s Left?

None of the top 5 finishers from last year are riding in this year’s Tour de France. Lance has of course retired, and the other 4 have all dropped out on drug accusations, along with many of their team members. The pro-cycling world was torn apart by the names released with the Spanish probe into […]

links for 2006-06-29

The Science and Art of User Experience at Google Video of the presentation from the Google Speaker Series. It pretty much confirms there was no science or art to Google’s homepage design. (Google Video) (tags: google design web internet search) ESPN.com: The YouTube Hall of Fame Some great moments in history from sports, music, comedy, […]

links for 2006-06-28

Spider-Man 3 Teaser Trailer Venom, Sandman, Green Goblin and it looks very, very dark. Drooooool… (tags: film trailer spiderman movie) Starlings, aka “The Birds” Awesome video of a huge flock of starlings, swarming on and around a few trees. (Google Video) (tags: video nature birds) New Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Johnny Depp rides the […]

Yoplait: Good Yogurt, Bad Container Design

At work we have a number of snacks stocked in the kitchen and occasionally we have yogurt in the fridge. The other day I was eating from one of the Yoplait Yogurt cups and started scraping at the bottom to get the remainder of the yogurt. Some coworkers started giving me grief for the annoying […]

links for 2006-06-27

Maury Show – Phobias – Pickles Extreme pickle phobia. She runs screaming and crying out of the studio when the pickles appear. I’m sure cucumbers are fine. (YouTube) (tags: humor video phobia pickle youtube) The Laugh Song Pure Chinese creepiness. (YouTube) (tags: music video humor china song) Scientology Orientation video Get it while it’s hot […]

links for 2006-06-24

New episodes of Futurama coming to Comedy Central Not until 2008, but still… woohoo! (tags: animation television futurama tv) BumpTop Prototype Taking the desktop metaphor into ridiculous, unusable 3D. This just seems so impractical. I do like the mouse gestures, but they seem more suited to games than an OS UI. (tags: usability 3d video […]

links for 2006-06-23

Excellent Gametap Commercial Pac-man as a Mexican puppet show. (mov) (tags: commercial video games advertising) Lady and the Lamp John Lasseter pencil test animation when he was a student. So much Pixar personality even in this. (YouTube) (tags: animation pixar video art)

links for 2006-06-22

Bringing Marlon Brando back for Superman Returns A look at the effects process to (re)animate Marlon Brando in the new Superman movie. (mov) (tags: 3d film animation movie superman effects) Pitchfork Feature: 100 Awesome Music Videos Great stuff in here, with tons of YouTube links to the actual videos. I know what I’m spending my […]

A Surreal Airport Moment With Cheese

I’m not sure why I didn’t remember this sooner, but on my way back from Duluth, Minnesota I was waiting in the Minneapolis Airport when I had an especially strange moment. I was sitting at my gate, waiting for boarding, watching the “Airport Network” version of CNN news, where the top stories were Al-Zarqawi’s death, […]

A Week with Bloglines

I’ve now been using Bloglines almost exclusively for over a week, for my weblog checking and reading. For ages now I’ve been using this static bookmark page as my homepage and I’ve still been hitting the various sites directly to check for updates and read new posts. My original plan for the page (as the […]

links for 2006-06-20

Superman The Movie Trailer The original Superman movie trailer. Strange how it shows nearly all of Superman’s origin and very little of him on earth. (YouTube) (tags: movie film trailer superman video youtube) Megaloman Opening The description says “Italian version” of the Japanese TV show. Maybe that’s what makes it so great. (YouTube) (tags: humor […]

The US vs. the World… Cup

While the rest of the country is whining about the Jerry Stackhouse suspension, and poor Shaq getting knocked down in the completely-uninteresting NBA finals, the United States put on a good show yesterday in their World Cup game against Italy. The game was incredibly exciting, but for most of the wrong reasons. The US was […]

links for 2006-06-18

Colbert and Congressman, 10 Commandments Steven Colbert asks Congressman to name them all. (YouTube) (tags: colbert humor video politics youtube) New York Times Video Spotlight on Ze Frank Covering Ze Frank’s rise to stardom, and the recent audience-written Fabuloso Friday. Ze is much less interesting when he’s serious. (tags: zefrank video nytimes news media) Juggling […]

Duluth, Duluth… Duluth is on Fire

I took a long 4-day weekend this past weekend to visit Duluth, Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was excellent, and congrats to Andy and Aimee.