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links for 2006-05-16

Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man – Trailer (tags: film movie trailer music video) MTV Asia – Codehunters 3-D animated anime short film. Great style. (tags: animation video anime 3d)

Another trek up Mt. Si

Taking advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend, some friends, Darren and Nora, and I decided to tackle the hike up Mt. Si. I’d been up once before, almost exactly 3 years ago. Has it really been that long!? Time really does fly. This time up, it took about 2 1/2 hours to make the […]

links for 2006-05-13

Super Mario Galaxy Video of the new Mario on the Nintendo Wii. I’m sold. (YouTube) (tags: videogames games video nintendo) NYC 3D Prints 3D models of buildings extracted from Google Earth and printed in 3D. 3D action, coming at ya! In 3D! (tags: google 3d nyc printing maps)

links for 2006-05-12 – Shirts from movies, TV, and more. I love Murdock’s shirts from the A-Team. (tags: clothing design movies)

links for 2006-05-11

Evolution of Dance Great performance of everything from Elvis to Nsync. (YouTube) (tags: video dance humor) FlickrBlog – Changes Afoot Details on Flickr’s upcoming UI changes. New nav, search, Organizr, and more photos fitting on pages. (tags: flickr redesign ui design web) Google Trends Really addictive trend (search term) comparisons. Basically an interactive version of […]

links for 2006-05-09

The Diffusion of Wal-Mart Video of the spread of Wal-Mart stores across the country. (YouTube) (tags: video walmart maps visualization) Improv Everywhere Mission: Best Buy Another great mission pulled off by Improv Everywhere (tags: humor bestbuy prank improv video) Mikroworld – home of Mikroman Tiny foldable metal figures in various scenes. It’s hard to tell […]

Sigur Ros in Concert

Last Wednesday was the Sigur Ros concert at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. Being that they’re one of my favorite bands, I’d tried getting tickets weeks ago, but it had been sold out since the first day tickets went on sale. Thanks to the good folk at Ticketmaster, there were no other options for finding […]

links for 2006-05-06

What is deinterlacing? The best method to deinterlace movies Tons of information on how video/film frames are displayed, interlaced and deinterlaced. (tags: video deinterlacing howto film)

links for 2006-05-05

Star Wars: Original Unaltered Trilogy on DVD None of the Special Edition “enhancements” (tags: film dvd starwars video movies) Database War Stories O’Reilly Radar has been doing this great series on the database challenges and successes of various companies including Flickr, Second Life, and Craigslist. (tags: database web oreilly) IF! : List Of Trend Aggregators […]

The Weird Things That Work Teaches You

As with any job, there is certain knowledge you gain that you never would have gotten anywhere else. It’s part of the never-ending learning process, yadda, yadda… But what about those random bits of trivia that a job trains you with, but are also somewhat useful outside of work? In addition to the acronyms, and […]

links for 2006-05-04

Superman Returns – Trailer I’m so happy the original theme didn’t go away. (tags: film superman trailer video movie)

Changing the Film Heroes we Love

Two new trailers hit the internet yesterday, one for Superman Returns, and the other for the new James Bond, Casino Royale. One of these looks, um… super, and the other looks like crap. I was a little skeptical when the first Superman trailer showed up. The footage looked great, but I really wanted to hear […]

What makes a corporation (or non-profit) tick?

Over the weekend I watched the excellent documentary, The Corporation. It did a great job of covering everything from, “What is a corporation?” to the political issues, environmental impacts, sweatshops and some chilling case-studies on press cover-ups and controversy, such as bovine growth hormone. It never felt like they were trying to tackle too much, […]

links for 2006-05-02

New Microsoft Browser Raises Google’s Hackles – New York Times This just in: Google officially evil… and whiny… and hypocritical. What a ridiculous case they’re trying to make. MS may be an easy target with their history, but Google isn’t exactly the wounded little guy anymore. (tags: google microsoft ie7 web browser search) Thank You […]