Rainy Weekend of Watching Stuff

The long Memorial Day weekend was unfortunately the first 3 days of rainy weather we’ve had after a few weeks of beautiful, sunny Spring weather. I ended up spending quite a bit of time inside, watching entirely too much… stuff.

  • Went out and saw X-Men: The Last Stand (with heavy hints at possible future stands), and was pleasantly let down. Some amusing action scenes, despite missing Brian Singer’s finesse, but the story and writing was just horrible. As most reviews mentioned, it really did feel like the studio just wanted to rush this thing out. And the new characters? Remeber the glimpses of these new characters that you got in the trailers: Angel, Juggernaut, and Multiple Man? Well, I kid you not, they each get two other lines in the entire film, and spend a grand total of about 30 seconds on screen. No exagerration. Anyway, enough about that.
  • Recently I found a free copy of BASEketball on VHS (TiVo 0.1) and grabbed it. I remember finding it pretty funny back in the day with my high school friends, when we saw it in the theater (we saw everything in the theater). It wasn’t nearly as good this time around, although some of the Trey and Matt humor still had me laughing.
  • Using Netflix’s motivation-by-guilt-for-holding-a-DVD-too-long got me to plunge back into Battlestar Galactica. A while ago I fizzled out somewhere late in the first season. Little did I know it was right before all the crazy shit started happening! And it hasn’t stopped! I exhausted Netflix’s run of the first part of season 2 (the rest doesn’t come out until the end of June), and have started buying the next episodes off iTunes. The show just doesn’t give you a break. So relentless and engrossing.
  • I also had Riding Giants on my Netflix and enjoyed that surfing diversion. From the same folks as Dogtown and Z-Boys, it’s another well done documentary explaining the evolution of a popular and misunderstood sport. In this case, big wave surfing, and the pioneers of the surfing world.
  • Lastly, I finally popped in the borrowed DVDs for the first season of Deadwood, and gave it a good 2 episode try. 4 episodes later, I’m clearly hooked. Great character actors everywhere you look, and it’s well-written and directed all around.

This TV on DVD thing is a blessing and a curse. It’s great to be able to pop in the next one and keep going, without commercials or delays. But at least when it’s broadcast you’re forced into reasonable (yet frustrating) bite-size morsels. Control your urges. Binging is not healthy.

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