Goldfrapp in Concert

Two weeks ago I went to see Goldfrapp in concert at the Showbox. The band’s music is a kind of electro-glam, and the show certainly followed suit. There were plenty of bright flashing lights, a fan blowing up into the lead singer, Alison Goldfrapp’s hair, and of course a keytar. I’d nearly forgotten that I shot a couple short video clips during the show, on my digital camera. Lousy quality, I know, but here’s a little taste of the show…

2 thoughts on “Goldfrapp in Concert

  1. Chris

    Hey, nice! We saw her in London in February. She puts on a great show. No pictures or video from us, though, unfortunately.

  2. Admiral PP

    weird… i saw goldfrapp on letterman the other night, and was just thinking how i’d really like to see them live. i wonder if they’ll ever come to hartford (hah!)


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