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links for 2006-06-01

Secret Wars Re-Enactment Society Historical re-enactments of Marvel’s Secret Wars (YouTube) (tags: video humor comics marvel) Bloat is a function of time, people, and money Simple analysis on the development of bloat in a company. (tags: blog business 37signals design)

Rainy Weekend of Watching Stuff

The long Memorial Day weekend was unfortunately the first 3 days of rainy weather we’ve had after a few weeks of beautiful, sunny Spring weather. I ended up spending quite a bit of time inside, watching entirely too much… stuff. Went out and saw X-Men: The Last Stand (with heavy hints at possible future stands), […]

links for 2006-05-31

Mojizu – A Contemporary Character Design Community Artists share cute (or gross, or funny) character designs, give them some history, and have them compete in vote-based battles. (tags: design art illustration characters gallery)

links for 2006-05-30

One million dollars or all the world’s knowledge of economics? Lots of links to videos and lectures on various economics topics. (tags: economics video lectures resource) The Rapping Song from Look Around You “They TALK over the music.” A glimpse forward to music from the year 2000. (YouTube) (tags: music video humor)

links for 2006-05-29

HearN – a photoset on Flickr HDR photos taken inside an old electrical station. Industrial decay at it’s most beautiful. (tags: photography industrial flickr photo) X-Men Opening weekend tops $100 Million More proof that good scripts, stories and characters are not required for box office success. (tags: film boxoffice xmen)

Distraction: Best Movie Scenes Ever

Last night checking out some videos on the addictive YouTube, I stumbled upon a clip from the movie Rad, which was aptly titled, “Best movie scene.” I’d heard about this incredible scene, but had yet to watch it. It exceeds all expectations and words can’t do it justice. Featuring Lori Loughlin (of Full House “fame”), […]

links for 2006-05-24

How to Silkscreen Posters and Shirts One of these days… (tags: design art silkscreen howto) NIKE+ iPod + Nike running shoes. Brilliant crossover. (tags: nike ipod design sports music gadgets)

links for 2006-05-23

The truth about Google’s so-called “simplicity” Don Norman comments on Google’s “simple” homepage. He definitely nails the explanation here. A single search field does not necessarily mean easier. Who else uses excessive click paths from the Google homepage to get to things like Maps, Local, Finance? (tags: design article norman usability google web) Thanks. No. […]

Goldfrapp in Concert

Two weeks ago I went to see Goldfrapp in concert at the Showbox. The band’s music is a kind of electro-glam, and the show certainly followed suit. There were plenty of bright flashing lights, a fan blowing up into the lead singer, Alison Goldfrapp’s hair, and of course a keytar. I’d nearly forgotten that I […]

links for 2006-05-22

10 Things I Hate About Commandments The 10 Commandments mashed up as a teen comedy. (tags: film humor mashup video trailer) David Belle – B13 Parkour chase scene from the new French action flick B13. (YouTube) (tags: parkour running movie video)

links for 2006-05-20

10 ways Photo-based interaction experiments on 10 different ideas. (tags: interaction design visualization photo)

The week that wouldn’t end

Did anyone else have a week so busy and non-stop that it left you in a complete daze by Friday? Holy crap, I’m pooped. Constant up-and-down at work, random firedrills, projects flying here and there, plans nearly every night to catch up with one person or another, and then ready to pass out cold by […]

links for 2006-05-18

Visceral Song Moments A pretty good list of song moments that really hit you. This list skews very indie rock. I might try putting together a similar list. It’d be fun to dissect some of my favorite songs and find those moments. (tags: music list mp3) Is Lost a Repeat? Incredibly useful website. (tags: television […]

links for 2006-05-17

Alan: A Video Junkie “He’s strung out on a habit that has turned into a $7.8 billion business…” (YouTube) (tags: videogames video humor games) Flickr Redesign and Gamma! Nice changes on Flickr. The new Organizr is really slick. They’ve also gone from Beta to Gamma. Cute. (tags: flickr design web photos ui) Apple – MacBook […]

The Seattle Monorail is Back!

When I look at the Department of Licensing FAQ, it tells me that my Monorail tax is still going to pay for a new Monorail! Sweet! Wait… no… it’s just the taxes that are still around. That’s right, some of us still have to pay taxes toward the now non-existent Seattle Monorail Project. The long […]