Pumping Iron for the Lord

A few days ago I checked my website stats and noticed that my top referrer was for a body-building site. I couldn’t figure out why in the world I was getting all of these hits. After digging into the lovely ABC Body-Building, I found that on the forum entrance page, one of the main forum posters was using the “Buff Jesus” image from my blog post way back here. That explained it. I poked around the forum a bit and it turns out this guy is basically Mr. Evangelical for the whole body-building forum, and since this image was his avatar/icon, it was showing up everywhere.

As general net-etiquette, it isn’t polite to link to images hosted on other people’s site directly. At the very least it isn’t good design to rely on random third-parties to “host” graphics, and it also leeches someone else’s bandwidth. So I decided to have a little fun with the body-building preecher, by changing the content of the image he was linking to…

Replaced Jesus

I feel a little bad that my immediate association with body-building was steroids, since I couldn’t find any evidence for their use by people frequenting this site. But with all of the crazy photos they post of themselves and others (Ahnoohhld!), it might be appropriate.

I do have to say that the ABC Body Building forum is home to one of the best discussion-thread titles I’ve ever seen. Posted by Mr. Uber-Christian himself in the “Sanctuary“:

And you get to read it with Steroid Needle Buddy-Christ winking at you.

UPDATE — And by the end of the day he caught on to it and replaced the new Buddy Christ image with something else. It was still up there for a full day. Not bad.

Pure Whey Jesus

So much for having any more fun with that guy. Until next time…

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