Search Stringulation

It’s been 3 or 4 months since I’ve written a search string summary. This time, something a little different. Instead of my random amusing search strings, I’m going to start with my top 5 search strings traffic-wise for the past 3 months. Not exactly the most PG-rated, but here are the totals…

#1 banksy = 435 hits (third page of Google image search)
#2 incredibles porn = 353 hits (there might be a market for this)
#3 street art = 293 hits
#4 the incredibles porn = 264 hits (yes, definitely a market)
#5 bowling team names = 171 hits (only posted a month and a half ago)

And now for the more amusing random phrases…

be cool stay in school
i need chris browns real phone number – Try
is cool relative – No, and you’re lame
most unsuccessful attempts to guinness world record – Most gunshot wounds to the head?
boob.gif – First page of Google results
malfunctioning janet jackson free photo – Not the wardrobe, just a “malfunctioning janet jackson”
thithter – nor hither
thurfing – with a “web browther” of courth

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