Stumbling onto a Seattle Crime Scene

I was out for a walk this afternoon, around the extended Capitol Hill neighborhood and I managed to stumble onto the massive crime scene of this multiple murder, and suicide.

Seattle Shooting Crime Scene Seattle Shooting Crime Scene

At first I had no idea what all of the police activity was for, but then I ran into someone I knew. He assumed I knew what had happened since I was in the area with a camera. Little did I know… He filled me in on the details he knew. There was apparently a zombie-themed party (creepily ironic) at Capitol Hill Arts Center on Friday night, and many of the party-goers went to a big after-party at this house afterwards. As all the news stories describe, a guy with a shotgun entered the house and killed 6 people before killing himself when confronted by a police officer.

It doesn’t exactly give you warm-fuzzies about your neighborhood. This was exactly 9 blocks due East from my apartment. The story is on the front page of CNN at the moment. The Stranger is blogging live updates and seems to have the most comprehensive information so far.

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