The Uber Google Bombs

Google bombing has been a fun pasttime for troublemakers and pranksters trying to get certain search words or phrases to return humorous and ironic results on Google. I’ve been involved with one wildly successful campaign, and have gotten some good laughs at others. I started wondering what some of the most highly-linked phrases on the web must be.

Celebrity names, news items or events are all too obvious…  How about, “click here“?  5 billion results on Google.  Top results include a Currency Calculator for some reason, and then the expected ones: Adobe Acrobat Reader download, Netscape, Quicktime, and Macromedia Flash.  Think about all of those links around the web, where somebody points to one of those utility downloads with with phrase “click here”.  There are a few perfect 10 Google pageranks in there.  (It’s rather odd that eBay is the only sponsored link and it takes you straight to an eBay search for “click here”.)

What others might be up there?  Plain ‘ol “here” returns 8 billion results, and Realplayer tops this list.  Other big ones are “get it” and “get it now”.  And with 14 billion results, “home” is a clear winner in this non-comprehensive roundup.  A huge percentage of sites on the internet have tons of internal “home” links.  The site that beats them all out:  Incredibly deep content, good internal linking, good external linking to boost your rank even more and a perfect 10.  Easy lessons to learn.  I’m sure that .gov domain doesn’t hurt much either

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