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links for 2006-04-01

Thank You For Smoking opening main titles Beautiful design and typography. (mov) (tags: animation design film typography) Domain name statistics and popularity Interesting stats on domain names and their availability (tags: web statistics domains internet)

links for 2006-03-31

OK/Cancel – Non-designed sites are better? Amusing response to this question about design. (tags: design humor usability web)

links for 2006-03-30

YouTube Imposes 10 Minute Limit A major pioneer in sharing video content on the web takes a step backwards in the name of copyrights. Solution: Start breaking your long video clips into 10 minute segments. (tags: youtube video web) Social Design Notes: Guerilla Wayfinding Compass directions to get your bearings when exiting the NYC subway. […]

The Wilderness and the City

Over the weekend I watched Grizzly Man and I was amazed. It covers the life and death of Timothy Treadwell who spent 13 summers in the Alaskan wilderness living with the Alaskan brown bears. He filmed his last 5 summers there, and the film is made up mostly of his footage, along with interviews of […]

links for 2006-03-28

Another Juggling Routine A stage full of jugglers synchronized to music (mpg) (tags: juggling video) New Art School Confidential Trailer (mov) (tags: film trailer) Brak’s School Daze Brak hires a monkey. 7 or 8 years old now, but it never gets old. (YouTube) (tags: humor video brak)

links for 2006-03-27

It’s a great time to start a business 37signals makes a great response to this list (tags: business startup web2.0 internet)

links for 2006-03-26

Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford SNL infomercial on how to get out of debt. (mov) (tags: humor snl video)

Stumbling onto a Seattle Crime Scene

I was out for a walk this afternoon, around the extended Capitol Hill neighborhood and I managed to stumble onto the massive crime scene of this multiple murder, and suicide. At first I had no idea what all of the police activity was for, but then I ran into someone I knew. He assumed I […]

Huskies Defeat the Huskies!

Despite numerous turnovers and looking like they had lost it in regulation, the Huskies managed to eke out a victory over the Huskies in overtime. In the final minutes of regulation, the Huskies got a lucky three-point play to cut the Huskies lead. And then in the final seconds, the Huskies sank a three-pointer to […]

links for 2006-03-25

Google GeoAds beta Sponsored results on Google Local Maps (tags: google maps local advertising)

links for 2006-03-24

sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ! Impressive live music and video sampling/mixing/scratching. (YouTube video) (tags: music video audio sampling)

links for 2006-03-23

Indie Record Store Clerks (Google video) (tags: humor music video)

The Egg McToaster

This past weekend I decided to liven up my kitchen a bit with the Back to Basics TEM500 Egg & Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher. I think “Egg McToaster” is a little easier to say. The contraption is pretty neat. The toaster itself is straightforward, but the egg compartment is where things get more […]

links for 2006-03-21

Microsoft: Tracking bugs back to specific programmers (streaming video works best in IE) (tags: humor video microsoft) Typographic History at a Glance (tags: typography type history design)

links for 2006-03-17

Brad Bird Directs Pixar’s Next, Ratatouille Can we just clone Brad Bird and have him crank out Pixar movies every year? (tags: animation pixar film) Design Eye for the List Guy: Craigslist Redesign A group of designers tackle Craigslist at SXSW (tags: design craigslist sxsw) Lucky Number Slevin – Trailer (tags: movie trailer) Drawing Restraint […]