Content Streams

I’ve decided to ditch the photos from the main blog posts for a number of reasons. 1) I found it was affecting my photo posting habits. I felt less inclined to upload a large batch of photos (which I often like to do), because I knew it’d make for an odd flurry of photo-only blog posts all at once. 2) Flickr‘s blog posting is anything but automatic. For every photo I posted to Flickr, I then had to click the “blog this” button, confirm a couple times, and then log into WordPress and correct the category and style quirks that Flickr wouldn’t allow me to customize. 3) Reader complaint. Williamsburger mentioned that he’s already my Flickr contact, so he was seeing all of my photos twice.

I do think I like the auto-posting from though, and I think I’ll keep it. For one, it’s actually automatic, and lets me specify a particular category. I like the bulleted list it spits out (mmmm… lists), and the added pressure it puts on me for more regular actual content.

I have to say, the idea of a single continuous stream of all the disparate info we collect and post on the web is really appealing, but it isn’t perfect yet. The new holy grail of a single-column, single feed, single stream of content from a person, rather than jumping from site to site (or column to column) to pick up each of their mini-streams. Then again, I still don’t even use an RSS or feed reader myself to track my regular websites. I guess there’s something to be said for that scattered but still organized separation of information.

The archeological and biological term in situ just popped in my head and seemed somewhat relevant. On the internet, is there still value in seeing information in it’s original setting? Or is the type of information and content, and not to mention medium, different enough to adapt to repackaging, feeding, and other metamorphoses? (metamorphosi? metamorphosises?)

If we’re all just feed-reading, why do we still have web pages at all? What do you think of single vs. disparate content streams?

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