February 2006
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Day 2/5/2006

Best and Worst Commercials of Superbowl XL

Worst: Diet Pepsi: Brown and Bubbly. It almost felt like a big-budget, dirtier, nonfunny, unironic Popozao. In close second was the Buger King: Whopperettes. Wrong on so many other levels. Best: Sprint: Locker Room (Crime Deterrent Cell Phone) Runners-up: Bud Light: Hidden Bud Light and Budweiser: Superfan Both iFilm and Google have collections of more […]

Go Fish Eagles!

Update — In an unprecedented turn of events, Seattle claims the championship afterall, as Paul Allen buys the Pittsburgh Steelers! Is a Seahawk a real animal? No, but a “Sea Hawk” is, and it is another name for the Osprey. It can also be referred to as a “Fish Hawk” or “Fish Eagle.” It’s a […]