Whiteboard polls: Arnold’s Best Role

*Update — Added latest tallies according to “the board.” And believe it or not, someone tried writing in Jingle All the Way.

In my group at work we have a whiteboard that we’ve dedicated to random community polls and surveys. Currently our board contains:

Arnold’s Best Role

  • Conan the Barbarian – ||||
  • The Terminator – |||| |||
  • John Kimball (Kindergarten Cop) – ||||
  • “Dutch” (Predator) – |
  • Harry Tasker (True Lies) – ||||
  • Douglas Quaid (Total Recall) – ||
  • Running Man – |
  • Governor of California – |
  • Mr. Universe – |
  • Other crap – | (Twins)

3 thoughts on “Whiteboard polls: Arnold’s Best Role

  1. lopolis Post author

    Those were all close to making the list and there has been some debate here with the general consensus being: Hercules/Pumping Iron more-or-less equate to “Mr. Universe”, and/or “Other crap” (where Commando also falls).


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