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links for 2006-02-28

Project 15 Trailer Shooting and editing a 15 second short each day for a year. (mov) (tags: film video trailer) We Are Sinking – Google Video (tags: humor video commercial) Microsoft Redesigns the iPod Packaging Parody video (YouTube) (tags: humor video microsoft ipod)

links for 2006-02-23

The Designers Mixtape Designers from around the world share their musical instruments, which you can stream right off the site. Lots of good stuff. (tags: design music) Berkeley Course Podcast Feeds The lazy(er) geek’s college. (tags: podcast audio courses college)

Content Streams

I’ve decided to ditch the photos from the main blog posts for a number of reasons. 1) I found it was affecting my photo posting habits. I felt less inclined to upload a large batch of photos (which I often like to do), because I knew it’d make for an odd flurry of photo-only blog […]

links for 2006-02-21

Travelling with Movies on a Mac Basics of DVD ripping on a Mac. (tags: mac apple video) Scanner Darkly Trailer 2 New trailer (mov) (tags: movies film animation trailer) Special Trailer (mov) (tags: film trailer)

Bowling Team Names

It’s almost as if there’s an unspoken rule that bowling team names require bad puns. Here are some bowling team names from my company’s annual bowling tournament… The Lucky Strikes Rolling Pins Spare Me Foot Fungus Freaks Pin Pals Ten Pin Wizards Split Happens The Thunderballs Proposed team names, but unused… The Gutter Brawlers Wholly […]

Red Metal Protrusion

I killed these flowers to show how much I care

What a bizarre holiday Valentine’s Day is. Yes, pink and red hearts all over the place are gag-inducing, but the flower thing is what I find so odd. Sure, flowers are beautiful and it’s a nice gesture to give a gift, but why so few potted flowers? Not as easy to carry? Roses aren’t practical […]

links for 2006-02-14

Garfield minus dialogue Removing all of Garfield’s dialogue from the comic makes for a much funnier, surreal strip. (tags: garfield comic humor)

Red Hatch and Handles

links for 2006-02-13

Trashed toyota pickup truck – Google video Holy crap, that’s one strong truck. (tags: video toyota)

Was that a hockey game!?

I’ve been to a few fun hockey games to watch our WHL (basically minor league) team, the Seattle Thunderbirds, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the craziness of last night. Fights, fish, teddy bears, pizza and more…

Spiral Stair Silhouette

links for 2006-02-12

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party – Trailer Directed by Michel Gondry (tags: film trailer gondry) Getty acquires iStockphoto for $50 million That comes out to about $80 per photo. (tags: photo gettyimages business) Art School Confidential – Trailer (tags: film trailer humor)

Gas Works Silhouette

Rusty Hues