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Content Streams

I’ve decided to ditch the photos from the main blog posts for a number of reasons. 1) I found it was affecting my photo posting habits. I felt less inclined to upload a large batch of photos (which I often like to do), because I knew it’d make for an odd flurry of photo-only blog posts all at once. 2) Flickr‘s blog posting is anything but automatic. For every photo I posted to Flickr, I then had to click the “blog this” button, confirm a couple times, and then log into WordPress and correct the category and style quirks that Flickr wouldn’t allow me to customize. 3) Reader complaint. Williamsburger mentioned that he’s already my Flickr contact, so he was seeing all of my photos twice.

I do think I like the auto-posting from though, and I think I’ll keep it. For one, it’s actually automatic, and lets me specify a particular category. I like the bulleted list it spits out (mmmm… lists), and the added pressure it puts on me for more regular actual content.

I have to say, the idea of a single continuous stream of all the disparate info we collect and post on the web is really appealing, but it isn’t perfect yet. The new holy grail of a single-column, single feed, single stream of content from a person, rather than jumping from site to site (or column to column) to pick up each of their mini-streams. Then again, I still don’t even use an RSS or feed reader myself to track my regular websites. I guess there’s something to be said for that scattered but still organized separation of information.

The archeological and biological term in situ just popped in my head and seemed somewhat relevant. On the internet, is there still value in seeing information in it’s original setting? Or is the type of information and content, and not to mention medium, different enough to adapt to repackaging, feeding, and other metamorphoses? (metamorphosi? metamorphosises?)

If we’re all just feed-reading, why do we still have web pages at all? What do you think of single vs. disparate content streams?

Bowling Team Names

It’s almost as if there’s an unspoken rule that bowling team names require bad puns. Here are some bowling team names from my company’s annual bowling tournament…

  • The Lucky Strikes
  • Rolling Pins
  • Spare Me
  • Foot Fungus Freaks
  • Pin Pals
  • Ten Pin Wizards
  • Split Happens
  • The Thunderballs

Proposed team names, but unused…

  • The Gutter Brawlers
  • Wholly Bowlers
  • We’ve Got Balls
  • Split Ends
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter

bowling by Ginny

Naming Your Own Bowling Team
Are you still looking for a good name for your bowling team? None of the above team names suit your fancy? There are some simple rules you can follow to creating your own team name. First, start with a word related to bowling. Here’s a table of some of the most common bowling-related words and terminology:

strike spare split
gutter ball pin
tenpin bowl lane
alley bowling gutter ball
league frame roller
finger shoes beer

If you want to avoid a pun or play on words, you could simply pick one or two of the above words and put them together, adding an adjective for a little more pizzazz. Go for something with a good ring to it, or a little alliteration. For example:

  • Super Strikes
  • Crazy Pin Lane
  • Bad Ball Bowlers
  • Smelly Bowling Shoes

You would probably agree that these are pretty boring. I highly recommend you explore the puns and wordplay. A good start is to think of a common phrase that happens to use one of the words in the chart. Simply reuse that phrase and you automatically have a bowling team name with a double meaning. For instance, “Spare Change”, “Going on Strike”, or “Alley Cats” are regular phrases that work well for a bowling team. In the original list, “The Lucky Strikes” and “Rolling Pins” both followed this rule of thumb.

If you want to get even more experimental and want a more complex pun, you can try thinking of words, phrases, movie titles, or celebrity nams that sound similar or rhyme with bowling terminology. In the list at the top, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter” is amusing because it replaces “Butter” with “Gutter”. Or try swapping similar-sounding words in and out of a bowling phrase. Here are a few more ideas along those lines…

  • Gutter Bawl
  • Changing Lanes
  • Alley McBowl
  • The Mis-Splits
  • Gutterfinger
  • The Tenpin Commandments
  • Axis & Alleys
  • Split-finger Fast-bowl
  • The Pin Pricks
  • The Incredibowls

Of course if you want to be the team dressed to impress, (or a bunch of hipsters), grab some proper bowling shirts and stencil on your ironic team name!

Good luck naming your bowling team! Have you come up with any great team names? If so, feel free to add them below.

I killed these flowers to show how much I care

What a bizarre holiday Valentine’s Day is. Yes, pink and red hearts all over the place are gag-inducing, but the flower thing is what I find so odd. Sure, flowers are beautiful and it’s a nice gesture to give a gift, but why so few potted flowers? Not as easy to carry? Roses aren’t practical that way? Every year there are plenty of jokes about giving a gift that’s just going to wither and die, so I guess I’m repeating the obvious. When a coworker started bragging about the deal he found on $5 bouquets, all I could say in response was, “$5? I think you got ripped off. They’re all dead.” Here’s to living plants. Give a gift without the (immediate) decay.

Craigslist: Web Lists vs. News Pages

Craigslist was recently the target of this bitter little editorial in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. It received some smart(er) responses, including this one analyzing the UI of Craigslist and in particular, this rant by Anil Dash. Dash sheds some light on the decision-making of alternative weekly newspapers and in my experience working for one, I saw much of the same.

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Best and Worst Commercials of Superbowl XL

Worst: Diet Pepsi: Brown and Bubbly. It almost felt like a big-budget, dirtier, nonfunny, unironic Popozao. In close second was the Buger King: Whopperettes. Wrong on so many other levels.

Best: Sprint: Locker Room (Crime Deterrent Cell Phone)

Runners-up: Bud Light: Hidden Bud Light and Budweiser: Superfan

Both iFilm and Google have collections of more of the commercials online here, and here.

Go Fish Eagles!

Update — In an unprecedented turn of events, Seattle claims the championship afterall, as Paul Allen buys the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Is a Seahawk a real animal? No, but a “Sea Hawk” is, and it is another name for the Osprey. It can also be referred to as a “Fish Hawk” or “Fish Eagle.”

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Seattle, the first we’ve had in a couple weeks. This only adds to the already high excitement and buzz around the city before the Superbowl this afternoon. Walking around the neighborhood, everyone is smiling and saying hi to each other, people are carrying cases of beer around at 10:30AM, and setting up kegs on their porches. There were some severe wind storms yesterday, and many people still without power around the area, but it is still shaping up to be a great game day. Find a place to hunker down, drink some beers and cheer for the Seahawks during this Xtra-Large Superbowl.

My bet:
Seahawks take it 24-14
MVP: Hasselbeck