WordPress 2.0 thoughts and trying something new

Update #2 — I’m also trying out this method for automatically posting daily del.icio.us links as blog posts. I’m setting up Flickr’s auto-blogging too, and if all works out OK, I might trim down all these side columns into one main stream of posts.

Update — It figures that WordPress 2.0.1 is released today and I have to upgrade again. At least it fixes something else that I’d been trying to troubleshoot.

I mentioned I upgraded last weekend, and just the other day I finally got around to fixing the commenting again.  I’m not sure what killed it in the first place.  After I gutted things and inserted new template code, and brought in a new comment template, it all worked again.  It was probably a little mistake I made somewhere that broke it all, or there was some deprecated old syntax that i was still using.  Anyway, it’s all back.  And WordPress 2.0 itself is…

Technical issues aside, I’m not that impressed with the new, improved WordPress 2.0.  So, the admin interface got an overhaul (they made it blue!) and gave it a lot of AJAX-y touches (some more practical than others, and the fancy post-editing tools don’t work in Safari), but there’s nothing all that impressive feature-wise.

With the severity of comment spam nowadays, I find it shocking that they don’t start building more anti-spam measures into blogging software.  Basic blacklisting is there, but it isn’t tied to anything that’s regularly maintained.  The first thing I (and a lot of other WordPressers) do when they install/upgrade is rename the damn comment post file to avoid the rampant bots.  There has to be a way to handle this better.   It makes no sense to have a comments-post.php just hanging out for any shmuck to use.    By not attempting to find a solution for any of this I guess it keeps the plugin writers busy.  Keystroke checks, code images, etc…

And what about some more forward-thinking blog features?  Tagging is everywhere on the web except some of the most popular blogging tools. There are some plugins and templates for WordPress that repurpose categories into a tagging setup, but nothing native. What about a combination of both?

Tagging is fun and all, but a feature that I’d love to see (which makes Typo look more interesting) is built in syndication. We almost all have content in del.icio.us, Flickr, Upcoming, or all of the above, and our blogs have their javascript “badges” all over the place. Built-in support for pulling in all of these RSS feeds, and others would be great. [Update — On researching this stuff, I realized/discovered all the auto-posting pieces that most of these places have. So, nevermind.]

I guess I’d like to see the big guys like WordPress and Movable Type get a bit more forward-thinking about their applications. If you don’t start moving faster, all your users will start jumping at the next gadget that has all the modern bells and whistles, with built-in migration scripts.

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