Requisite Comment on the Rain

Rainy Forecast 27 consecutive days of rain in Seattle as of today. The 10-day forecast is pictured to the right. We only need 6 more days to beat the record of 33, and it’s looking like we can do it. I wonder if I jinxed the city with all those times over the holidays I said, “It doesn’t rain all that much” to my relatives commenting on “rainy Seattle.” It really is a strange rain though. In New England we’d probably call all of this light rain, sprinkling or drizzle. But here in Seattle it’s just rain. Never much of a downpour, it just slowly and steadily keeps falling. The sun broke out briefly the other day, but the clouds quickly came back.

It takes a toll on the mood. The post-holiday blues are plenty, and then there’s this weather thing. I’m sure bars and coffee shops are enjoying the extra business, and I suspect movie rentals and pizza deliveries are seeing impressive numbers. Umbrella sales must be through the roof.

Strategies for coping…
1. Increased hibernation, such as going to bed earlier, and sleeping in a little longer.
2. Catch up on old TV shows and movies. I recommend Lost, Season 1 and then jumping into Season 2, which has finally resumed.
3. Root for the Seahawks. (Playoff game is on at this very moment. We just pulled ahead 7-3!)
4. Carry an extra pair of dry socks with you.
5. Stay warm. You’re probably going to get wet, and cold doesn’t go well with wet.

Sometimes I wonder if this really beats having to shovel snow and scrape ice in the freezing cold. I’m really not sure.

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