Kong, Munich, Rize

King Kong was pretty darn fun. Once again Peter Jackson has raised the bar on epic action. Over-the-top monsters and mayhem can be done (semi) seriously without ending up like that 1998 Godzilla crap. Kong felt a little long in some places, such as the lead up to the island, and like everyone else, I think the insect scene could have been cut. But it also felt a little short and rushed once we got back to New York. For how invested I was at that point, it just felt like we were thrown right into the finale, with not even a half-dozen more lines of dialogue from the main characters. Overall, still a great movie.

And I thought King Kong felt too long… Munich really dragged in places and had what felt like 3 or 4 endings. We get it already, he’s conflicted and paranoid!! It also suffered from some incredibly painful heavy-handed directing. Spielberg is now back up sharing the thrown of heavy-handedness with the other reigning champs, Ron “Cinderella” Howard and Mel “Jesus Christ” Gibson. But at least we didn’t have bookends of an old man in a graveyard, crying and reminiscing the whole story. The story itself was quite intense and all of the suspense, history and settings were very well executed. But I felt the violence was a little too much. We understand it’s horrific stuff, but sometimes a little restraint gives more impact than seeing every single blood spurt, brain chunk, and severed limb fly across the screen.

Rize was excellent. It started off a little jumbled, jumping from riots to clowns to dancing. But as the pieces all fit together, you ended up for a real sense of the energy and emotion fueling these people. , The tribal and religious connections were thin at best, and felt unnecessarily tacked onto the more interesting subject matter. It’s such a different culture, it’s nearly impossible for a spoiled little white boy like me to really “get it” but there were times where the film almost brought me to tears. Seeing the community, camaraderie, and passion in the dancing, krumping and raw creative expression was moving.

One thought on “Kong, Munich, Rize

  1. Admiral PP

    ageed (with kong, at least, as it’s the only one on your list i saw) the beginning dragged quite a bit, and i was like dammit i came to see an ape just show me the ape already, making it feel even longer. but jack black was awesome, and the special effects were absolutely incredible (except during the empire state building scenes where you can cleary see modern cars driving below)

    all in all a good flick though, especially when you unexpectedly see it on an Imax screen.


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