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Overlapping Lines

links for 2006-02-01

Web 2.0 Innovation Map Find something “Web 2.0″ near you with this Google Maps mashup (tags: googlemaps google mashup web2.0 maps) Mac Forum from 2001 iPod Launch Hilarious (in retrospect) flaming of the original iPod after it was announced in 2001 (tags: apple humor music history ipod mp3) Google Censorship Viewer: US vs China Excellent […]

WordPress 2.0 thoughts and trying something new

Update #2 — I’m also trying out this method for automatically posting daily del.icio.us links as blog posts. I’m setting up Flickr’s auto-blogging too, and if all works out OK, I might trim down all these side columns into one main stream of posts. Update — It figures that WordPress 2.0.1 is released today and […]

Musical Tastes in a Nutshell

Thanks to Williamsburger for finding this nifty application that grabs bits of songs from your iTunes library and creates your iTunes signature. I tried two different versions, one based off number of times played and another based off my highest rated songs. No so surprising that they both ended up with pretty much the same […]

Two Things I Did Today…

Part I (boring) 1. 3rd party ad tag -> Ad creative -> Styles -> Ad server -> Ad call -> Website = No Styles on Ad 2. Rewrite Javascript and Styles a billion times = No luck 3. Enlist WebDev and Engineering to rewrite Javascript and test Ad server = No luck 4. Contact client […]


Update – Got all my posts showing up again, but need to re-work the individual entry template to get comments showing up again. Sluggish internet connection has been a pain to work with too. Trying to figure out a few bugs after upgrading to WordPress 2.0. Might look a little odd around here for a […]

Optimal Banana Ripeness?

A quick question: What is the optimal ripeness to eat a banana? Let’s break banana ripeness down to 5 stages, only 3 of which I expect anyone to choose. 1. Green 2. Yellow-green 3. All yellow 4. Yellow, with few brown spots 5. Brown Anecdotally, I’ve heard most people strongly defend either #2 or #4, […]

Laugh it up, Blondie

Who knew there was still potential in this genre! This is by far the best blonde joke ever.

Requisite Comment on the Rain

27 consecutive days of rain in Seattle as of today. The 10-day forecast is pictured to the right. We only need 6 more days to beat the record of 33, and it’s looking like we can do it. I wonder if I jinxed the city with all those times over the holidays I said, “It […]

Kong, Munich, Rize

King Kong was pretty darn fun. Once again Peter Jackson has raised the bar on epic action. Over-the-top monsters and mayhem can be done (semi) seriously without ending up like that 1998 Godzilla crap. Kong felt a little long in some places, such as the lead up to the island, and like everyone else, I […]

Taxi Business Tidbit

In a conversation with the cab driver on my way home tonight, we both commented on the rain outside. I then said, “But it must be a good night for taxis.” He replied, “Yeah, rain is good, but it’s the slow time of the year.” “Oh really?” “Yes, everybody spends too much during the holidays, […]

Edward Rondthaler: One Old but Cool Relative

UPDATE – To see the Centenarian ad from Genworth Financial featuring Ed Rondthaler, follow the directions here. It seems every year during the family gatherings around the holidays I learn something new, or rediscover some interesting tidbit about my family. This year my father mentioned our eldest relative, a cousin of my grandmother’s (I think), […]

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year and keeping the French Province of Champagne on it’s feet for another year. I had a quiet New Year’s Eve and Day this year. Came down with a cold just in time but did some brief shopping in the afternoon before digging in […]