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Safety and Pixar at the MOMA

While in NY last week, I had the opportunity to visit the MOMA to check out their special exhibitions. Since I’d just done a full tour of the museum in August, I felt I didn’t need to see every Matisse, Pollock and blue/white/black/slashed canvas again. The first special exhibition I walked through was SAFE: Design […]

Merry Christmas!

Planes, A few trains, and certain automobiles

After last year’s travel excitement, I decided this year to not mess around with all that connecting flight garbage and just fly direct in and out of NY JFK airport, and visit my sister in the city. Aside from a minor delay (during which I got to enjoy drinks with Skyler as we crossed paths), […]

Christmas Cards

Every year my mother sends out Christmas* cards to family and friends. Not just any cards, but some of her very own handmade cards. For those of you who didn’t know my mother was an artist, well, now you do. She does etchings, embossings and collages all out of her basement studio. Above are the […]

For All Your Space Travel Needs

A refrigerator magnet, er… Hull Repair Patch purchased from the newly opened Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. located at 826 Seattle in the Greenwood neighborhood just outside the city. There are a bunch of other photos on Flickr from the store and the grand opening. Great decorations and hilarious writing throughout the store, and of […]

Strangercrombie 2005

Now for the fourth year, the Stranger is holding its Holiday charity auction extravaganza, Strangercrombie. As always the items up for bid are worth a ton, and in total they’ve already been bid up to more than $13,000. There’s some great stuff in the auction this year, with arts/music/media packages galore, chances to meet local […]

String-gle Bells

It’s that time of year where I start getting a bunch (a hundred or two) search string hits a month for “bad santa” all thanks to that Christmas party picture I posted a few years ago. Also in the past two months, in addition to the usual junk, I’ve seen these gems… sheesh – gads! […]

My First 911 Call

Last night, walking back to my car I witnessed a man leaning in through a broken passenger side window of an SUV. Another passerby shouted at him, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!?” The man struggled his way out of the window, turned around and said something like, “Huh? This? This is my car, […]