Run Like the Wind in NYC

It’s a beautiful 65-degree day in NYC and the winners of the race finished a couple hours ago with some insane times. But… my sister, Sarah, is now currently just over 20 miles through the New York City Marathon. Through the wonders of technology, I’ve been able to track her progress via the online race day tracker. I’ve heard the start is slow, because there are so many people and it’s hard to run at your own pace. Sarah’s 10k split was 48:46, which is close to an 8 minute mile. Not too bad. I certainly couldn’t keep up that pace for 6 miles, let alone 13 or 26. The half-marathon split was 1:42:51, which was a somewhat better pace than the start. At 20 miles her split is 2:38:55, which is an average of a 7:56 mile. Not bad at all. I can’t imagine running for 2 1/2 hours straight. Her projected finish time right now is 3:28:10, so she still has another hour to go. I think it’s great that I can sit at my computer and basically piece all of this together just from the numbers. She’s a trooper, and she definitely won’t quit. Go, Sarah!

UPDATE: She finished in 3347th place with a final time of 3:34:24 and a pace of 8:08 per mile overall! Out of about 40,000 people, that’s not bad at all! She was in 428th place out of the females, and 133rd place for her age.

Another interesting tidbit is “Net time” which I had to do some research to figure out. Sarah’s Net time was 3:33:07. Official time keeping starts when the starting gun goes off, but Net time starts when you actually cross the starting line. It just goes to show how many people run this thing when it takes a minute and a half to even get across the starting line!

One thought on “Run Like the Wind in NYC

  1. The Admiral

    wow, suddenly all that bud light i drank yesterday while relaxing on my comfy recliner is making me feel really guilty.

    sigh, i need a beer.


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