Recent Diversions

Television: I’m telling you, Lost really is as good as people say. I only started watching at the very end of the first season and into the second, but I’m now back at the beginning playing catch up. So good, but yes the compounding twist-with-no-payoff gets a little frustrating.

Make: Two great features in the current issue of Make magazine: Circuit Bending and VJing 101 (unfortunately no articles, just external reference links available online)

Apple: I ordered a highly discounted last-rev 15″ PowerBook 1.67 ghz as a nice step up from my aging 12″ (which I’ll probably sell off). This should tide me over for another year or two before I dive in and break the bank for a swanky new Intel-powered Mac desktop. I wonder if they’ll have 30″ iMac’s by then.

Music: Finally got around to borrowing a copy of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and had one of those, “So that’s who this is!” moments, since I’d been hearing them on KEXP a ton in the past month. Highly recommended.

Tomorrow: Is World Usability Day! Celebrate by, um… using something.

One thought on “Recent Diversions

  1. Chris

    The twist with no payoff thing is what got me into watching most of my TV exlusively in downloaded form, only after I’ve built up 4 or 5 episodes I can watch in a row. The 4th season of Angel was worse even than Lost at this, I feel, and was the tipping point for me.


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