November 2005
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Month November 2005

By Gosh, who is Cal Bigosh?

The other day I ate at Palomino downtown. After the meal they give you a small card with a saying on it (without any edible part, making it a rather disappointing fortune cookie substitution). The quotation I got was: There are two keys to life: 1. Don’t tell everyone your secrets. – Cal Bigosh OK, […]

The Myth of the Digital Divide and a $100 Laptop Holy Grail

Recently the MIT Media Lab initiative, headed by Nicholas Negroponte, to develop a $100 laptop for distribution to schools and children in developing nations has been getting a lot of press. See articles at BBC News, the Wall Street Journal, and a Wired interview with Negroponte. This $100 laptop initiative and similar projects before it, […]

Xbox 360 Impressions

I’ve had a chance to see and play a bit with the 360 that Andy brought home the other day, and here are a few of my initial thoughts… The dashboard (OS) is great and gives you just about everything you could want out of a media center. Interface is a little less than intuitive […]

Analyt-oops: Send it back to Beta

For perhaps the first time, Google has been a victim of its own success and basically failed a product launch. Last week, they released Google Analytics, without the word “Beta” or any invite-only system in place. Like the other 200,000+ web site owners, I signed up and added the code to track my site stats. […]

It’s not all dark and drear

The dark wet winter is upon us in Seattle, but something else also happens during these months. After days of Seattle rain (on-and-off drizzle), we still get the meteorologist-defying day of sun and blue sky. Today was one of those days, where rain was predicted (as of yesterday), but there was none in sight. On […]

Product Review – Shure E2c Earphones

I’ve been asked a half-dozen times in the past month how I like these earphones, and I always say how much I love them. The Shure E2C earphones are probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in the past year. I’ve ended up convincing two co-workers to get a pair and they both love […]

Equals Sign Bumper Stickers = Human Rights Campaign

I’d been wondering for a while, but have always forgotten to do the research to figure out what the yellow “=” sign bumper stickers were all about. I saw another while I was out running errands and remembered to check once I got home. They’re bumper/window stickers for the Human Rights Campaign, supporting lesbian, gay, […]

I Could Have Made This

I was sitting in a bar with a friend recently, where there was quite a bit of art on the wall. One of the pieces of art happened to be a red canvas with words painted in black saying, “I could have done this.” After a few minutes of pondering it and laughing, my friend […]

The Tipping Point… Minus the Point

If this book is anything, it fits in this new genre of pop-science backed up by anecdotal evidence, written for pseudo-intellectual yuppies (myself included). It’s hard not to compare The Tipping Point to Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics because it or Gladwell’s other book, Blink, are almost always shelved near each other, recommended in the same places […]

Run Like the Wind in NYC

It’s a beautiful 65-degree day in NYC and the winners of the race finished a couple hours ago with some insane times. But… my sister, Sarah, is now currently just over 20 miles through the New York City Marathon. Through the wonders of technology, I’ve been able to track her progress via the online race […]

Recent Diversions

Television: I’m telling you, Lost really is as good as people say. I only started watching at the very end of the first season and into the second, but I’m now back at the beginning playing catch up. So good, but yes the compounding twist-with-no-payoff gets a little frustrating. Make: Two great features in the […]