The Fog

No, not the silly horror movie that came out recently. This morning was one of those eerie, real-life mornings where the fog downtown was so thick, you couldn’t see the tops of most buildings. Looking out from the 16th floor here, you could barely make out the surrounding buildings, and sometimes if the fog rolled around just right, you couldn’t see further than a hundred feet. Of course it’s the one day I didn’t bring my camera with me.

My favorite thing to do on days like this is to try to take as deep a breath as possible when I’m walking outside. For once the stale, fishy downtown stench is gone in favor of the cool, refreshing, moist fog flavor. Even though the West Coast is more known for it’s fog, there’s something about the smell that always reminds me of New England.

At noon the sun finally started breaking through the haze, but looking down Pike or Pine you still couldn’t make out the water. Is Puget Sound still there?

One thought on “The Fog

  1. melanie

    Yeah, I love the fog. Growing up we didn’t have snowy-day schedule, we had foggy-day schedule. Fog makes me think of Christmas; down in Central Cali, that was as close to winter as we got.


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