Over or Under Debate

At the end of the work day on Friday, a few coworkers and I were lingering in the office and for one reason or another, we ended up on the eternal debate of “over or under.” Yes, in reference to how you hang toilet paper. Doing a Google search yields tons of sites that have put together surveys and informal polls. This debate has certainly been around for years, and the two sides are equally zealous.

Amongst coworkers I was in the minority with my answer of “under.” It’s my preference, and while it isn’t necessarily standard hotel-practice, it makes more sense to me. Plus, if you’ve ever lived with curious, energetic pets, there is another strong argument for the safer “under” method.

How do you hang your toilet paper rolls? New sheet hanging over the roll or new sheet hanging under? Do you feel strongly enough to actually change a roll’s orientation in someone else’s house? Or do you not really care either way?

Note: There is also the “I don’t want to change the roll right now, so I’ll set it on it’s side on top of the toilet” option, which I’m discounting because that’s just lazy.

7 thoughts on “Over or Under Debate

  1. melanie

    I’m all about the over. I think if it was a house I’m at often, or a family member’s house, I would change it.

    So, I pose these questions for you:
    1) Do you think it varies for men or women, due to the fact that women use the TP every time the go to the bathroom?
    2) Are you a “buncher,” do you just grab a huge wad of TP, or are you more organized about it? Do you pay attention to how many squares you grab? I’ve already admitted I’m a TP folder, due to the OCD of course.

  2. Chris

    Over, always over. I wouldn’t bother to change it at someone else’s house, but if I were replacing the roll, I’d be sure to put it on the right way (my way).

  3. lopolis

    I am indeed a folder, although I don’t count a precise number of squares. I usually pull a random sized bunch and fold enough to create a hand-size, two-ply area.

    PS – I’m amazed at those Google ads on the right. Have you checked out the Moistened Toilet Paper? Holy crap! (pun intended)

  4. melanie

    I am actually a huge fan of the moistened wipes sold by the toilet paper companies, they are flushable. Once you try them, there’s no going back. I’ve gotten many people hooked.

  5. Greg

    I prefer over; I’m agnostic as to whether there’s a more “correct” way to do it.
    On an unrelated note, I’ve shown “Rejected” to a number of people here & it has made them very happy (including my girlfriend, Dori, who can now quote the piece from memory.)

  6. liz

    Over. I only change the orientation of the roll in my own home. Generally, I assume that the roommates don’t feel strongly one way or another since they usually leave the new roll on the back of the toilet. I also buy more toilet paper (and rightfully so) than the rest of the (all male) roommates, so I think I have the right to dictate orientation.


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