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Lucky: How the Seattle Art Scene Kicked Tobacco With the Patch

What the heck does tobacco have to do with the Seattle arts scene? Almost exactly two years ago, Lucky Strike (Brown & Williamson/ R.J. Reynolds Tobacco) waltzed into Seattle brandishing a giant checkbook, and a curious interest in art. A number of organizations gladly accepted the dollars thrown their way, and even a popular weekly […]

Eminem + iPod = Trouble

Seems that Apple’s iPod advertising and Eminem just aren’t a good mix. I don’t know if any of you remember the original problem with Eminem suing Apple over a commercial featuring a little kid listening to his iPod, and singing the words to “Lose Yourself.” Well, it had the potential to be a great little […]

The Fog

No, not the silly horror movie that came out recently. This morning was one of those eerie, real-life mornings where the fog downtown was so thick, you couldn’t see the tops of most buildings. Looking out from the 16th floor here, you could barely make out the surrounding buildings, and sometimes if the fog rolled […]

Over or Under Debate

At the end of the work day on Friday, a few coworkers and I were lingering in the office and for one reason or another, we ended up on the eternal debate of “over or under.” Yes, in reference to how you hang toilet paper. Doing a Google search yields tons of sites that have […]

On the Road to Platinum

Almost exactly 2 years ago, I posted an MP3 of The Admiral, singing a version of Snow – Informer. Believe it or not, it is still being downloaded regularly. You can see the numbers from the past year on the chart below. There’s an understandable dip in the summer months, but the numbers have picked […]

Two Dollar Homepage is Sold!

It’s official, the $$ Two Dollar Homepage is sold. In this challenging market space, pioneered by the Million Dollar Homepage, I was able to swoop in and stake my claim. Not only was I undercut by the competition, but I was even up against a completely free site. How did my offering survive in this […]

No turkey for you!

Working in downtown Seattle means there’s never a shortage of lunch options, but it also means it’s hard to find options that aren’t $10 sandwiches. My regular lunch crowd typically rates things on a “price per pound” scale. Quality often takes back seat to quantity in this case, but there are a few places that […]

The Lamest Generation

A while ago, riding the bus up from downtown I heard a male voice in a conversation from the back of the bus say, “I thought my generation was going to change the world. It turns out we were just a bunch of slackers.” I’m not sure why it struck such a chord, but it […]

On Tagging

I’ve been talking with a few people recently about the phenomenon of tagging (not the grafitti kind), or “folksonomies,” if you will. The common opinion seems to be that of skepticism. That organization by user-created “tags” or keywords is inherently flawed because multiple users will tag something differently. What happens when one person tags a […]


Some of the better search strings from the past two months… html code for you oughta know by alanis morissette – Wait, you’re coding a song? Huh? licky – boom boom list of black – a blacklist? pubic crabs jumping in peoples eyes – worst. visual. ever. silly little kid – I sure am baudrillard […]

One of Those Days

You wake up extra groggy because you stayed up later than you should have the night before. You head in to work an hour and a half early to get some important stuff done. You cut the roof of your mouth biting into an over-toasted english muffin. You learn that two more people you work […]

One Site at a Time

I would like to officially announce the launch of two new sites joining the Lopolis.com Network™. theantiblog and $$ Two Dollar Homepage Yes, they’re both parody sites, of sorts. There’s more to come on each. And hey, if you’ve got $2 burning a hole in your pocket…

Lights, Camera, Stop-Action!

Just having some fun on a rainy weekend. I call it, “Stop-Action Test 1” (200kb .mov). Tim Burton ain’t got nothin’ on me.