Best of (What I Saw of) Resfest

I took a long weekend this past weekend and went down to San Francisco for a bit of a change of pace. Friday night I went to a couple of the screenings that were part of Resfest. One screening of short videos, and one of electroncic music videos (preview clips at both of those links).

The shorts ranged from heavy CG and animation to basic hand-held documentary style video. By far, the most moving was Dimmer, a video portrait of a blind teenager and other outcasts growing up in a decaying suburb.

The shorts screening the next day (which we didn’t get to) had the heavily buzzed new Chris Cunningham short, “Rubber Johnny” lined up. It was easy to find online and quickly creeped the hell out of me.

Some (definitely not all) of the music videos had higher production values, and bigger names powering them, but they still ranged from ragged animations to CG compositing with live-action footage (that seemed to be a big theme across all of the videos). Since music videos are essentially promotional tools for the artists and musicians, they’re pretty easy to find online. Here are some of the better videos from the screening…

Alias “Sixes Last” (40mb QT) – Eerie, but beautiful combination of nature video footage and CG.

Basement Jaxx “U Don’t Know Me” – This one got a good laugh out of the crowd.

Chemical Brothers “Believe” and “Galvanize” – A more paranoid blend of CG and live action, and then kids that just want to krump, respectively.

Fredo Viola “The Sad Song” – Beautiful song and a creatively simple video shot with the short video feature of a cheap digital still camera.

Faithless “I Want More” – Awe inspiring (and rather frightening) footage of North Korean stage and stadium performances. I had to give this my vote for audience choice music video

With a bit more Googling and checking the Resfest lineup, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a lot of the other mainstream stuff.

One thought on “Best of (What I Saw of) Resfest

  1. Chris

    Last time I went to Resfest (a few years ago), I spent a couple days trying to find most of the shorts online, and failed miserably. Nice to see that finding music videos is easier; hopefully shorts are easier to find these days too.


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