Daily Archives: September 13, 2005

A Few Things and a Question

Here are a couple funny TV spots for the LA County Fair (via).

I have to admit I find some of the Andy Milonakis show funny (he’s the kid from the Superbowl is Gay (.wmv) meme), but most of the time it’s just sad. This Anti-Milonakis Show parody sums it up quite well.

My completely non-sequitur question is this… Why do Asian restaurants (yup, I’m making a big generalization here) typically feel the need to use photographs of their food in nearly every piece of advertising on their store? There are a few large American restaurant chains that use food photos prominently on menus and advertising, such as Denny’s and Friendlys* not to mention the fast food chains like McDonalds. Why is it so common at Asian places? Do similar restaurants in their native China and Japan also use photos on their food (I could use some input here from people who have recently been to said countries)? Can anyone come up with a good explanation? My guess is that it’s partially mimicking an American aesthetic, and partially a cultural gap (because the majority of the time, these photos do not make the food look any more appetizing).

After a couple fruitless attempts at Googling an answer to the above, I came across this amusing phone prank.

* Do any of you West-coasters know what Friendly’s is?