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Month September 2005

A Year at the Pages

Is that like the Yellow Pages online? (I’ve been asked this more than once) No. It’s more like the WHITE Pages online. Today marks my 1 year anniversary working at When I started, there were about 50 people in the company, and now as of the end of September, we’ve broken 100 employees. I’ve […]

826 Valencia

Skyler recommended I check out the 826 Valencia, Pirate Supply store before I left San Francisco, so we headed down on Sunday. 826 is the young writers and tutoring workshop started by David Eggers of McSweeney’s fame (and AHWOSG infamy). The pirate store, which is merely a commercial and fund-raising front for the workshop, was […]

Best of (What I Saw of) Resfest

I took a long weekend this past weekend and went down to San Francisco for a bit of a change of pace. Friday night I went to a couple of the screenings that were part of Resfest. One screening of short videos, and one of electroncic music videos (preview clips at both of those links). […]

Keep the Old, In With the New

meet Today I brought a new member into my digital imaging family, the Canon Digital Rebel XT. I will keep taking plenty of photos over the next weeks and months as I learn the ins and outs of the camera. I’ll post some of my successes on Flickr, and try to share some of what […]

Utility Fixture Diptych

A Few Things and a Question

Here are a couple funny TV spots for the LA County Fair (via). I have to admit I find some of the Andy Milonakis show funny (he’s the kid from the Superbowl is Gay (.wmv) meme), but most of the time it’s just sad. This Anti-Milonakis Show parody sums it up quite well. My completely […]

Designing Emotional, Everyday Things

Originally published in 1988 as The Psychology of Everyday Things, Donald Norman’s book is still every bit as relevant today. Technology has come a long way in 17 years, but we’re still struggling with many of the same fundamental design and interaction challenges (plus a ton more). This book is still considered a “Bible” to […]