Summer Strings

This summer has been flying by, and so has the traffic on my website. OK, not so much the latter, but nonetheless I have some random search strings from June and July to share…

pixelated!! – Vectors!!
a lot of interesting thoughts – Here?
break up if they kiss someone else – Like, totally
difference between a blimp and a zeppelin – This issue was fully debated with members of the Trachtenburg family here
is talking to oneself a bad thing – Hey self, is it?
average punch speed miles per hour boxing – All I could find was some Tae Kwon Do site claiming the fastest kick in a tournament match was 70 mph, and the fastest punch was around 100 mph*
evil kitty cat with a rifle – C’mon, why does he have to be evil?
impatient people – Am I done with this post yet?
iwant to chat to micheal jackson – If you ask your Mommy nice, she might let you sleep over
parkour minimum age – Um, it’s just running and jumping. 3-10 year olds are the leading experts. I’d be more concerned about a maximum age.
why is un a valid word in scrabble – Because it’s in the dictionary
triple tit – Rent Total Recall
silly fork

*I would guess that the fastest mph punch would have to be close to the world-record fastball in baseball. What you’re doing is essentially the same: swinging/throwing/pushing a part of your body through the air as fast as possible. Do you think the mechanics at play are different enough to create drastically different speeds? Can anyone find a website that isn’t about the fastest knockout or paper-punching machines?

2 thoughts on “Summer Strings

  1. alexs

    search for speed+fist+punch+maximum on google and you’ll get a couple of articles on “the physics of karate” suggests 46 feet per second, which I think is 31.3 miles per hour. has instructions on how to measure the speed of your punch.

    Given my admittedly limited experience, I would expect that a pitched fastball would go faster than a punch, because of the whip-like action of a throwing arm compared with a punching motion. Consider also the speed of a tossed Jai-Alai ball, and the contrast in speed of a thrown ball versus the speed of a shot-put ball.

  2. alexs

    There’s several articles on the physics of Karate. From what I can tell, one boasts 400km/hr (!), another 9.8-14.4 meters/sec (35km/hr – 51km/hr) depending on the motion (forward vs downward hammerfist), a third 26 feet per second.

    My (almost completely uneducated) guess would be that a thrown baseball would go faster than a punch, the reason being that I would guess that the whip-like motion of throwing seems to be able to generate more speed than the push-like motion of punching. The distance travelled by an arm throwing a pitch is also longer, allowing more time to develop (and lose) velocity.


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