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Month August 2005

Biloxi Blues and the Drenched Quarter

Insensitive title puns aside, this hurricane Katrina was truly a terrible disaster. As with any natural disaster, no matter how much news coverage we watch or read about what happened, we can’t possibly know what it is like for the people going through it. Thankfully we have the mayors of the affected cities, such as […]

New York, New York

A few quick highlights from my trip to New York City, which just flew by in a blur of heat, people, activity, food and drink. I stayed in the New Yorker Hotel, which was a decent price for NY, and while not that swanky, it had a lot of old city character. The hotel was […]

You Know What They Say About Big Cities

I don’t know how many times someone in NY asked me how big Seattle was after I mentioned how small it felt. But I never had a good answer, since I couldn’t remember whether the figures I knew were for Seattle proper, or for the greater metropolitan area. Either way, NY was still a whole […]


I never thought my visit home would include getting hooked on the addictive puzzles known as Sudoku. At first glance it looks like they require a lot of math, but they don’t take a single bit of addition, subtraction, or any more complex tricks. The purpose is simply to place the numbers 1-9 in each […]

We’re all sell-outs

After my last two posts, where I skipped around the idea of a “sell-out,” I thought I’d now try summarizing my thoughts on why I think the concept “selling-out” is bullshit. Before writing this, I decided to throw some terms at Google and see who else had already ranted in the same way. Well, lo […]

Andre the Giant Walks the Line

In my last post I mentioend the popular street artist turned fashion designer, Shepard Fairey, in a sell-out sort of context (I’ve always hated calling creative people sell-outs, regardless of their actions. I’ll have to return to this thought in another post). Well, checking out the trailer for the upcoming film, Walk the Line about […]

Banksy Strikes the Holy Land

The UK’s artist, Banksy just finished a trip to Palestine, where he tackled the blank canvas that is the West Bank barrier between Israel and Palestine. Wooster Collective has a gallery of photos of some of his work. Truly striking. The Guardian has a brief article about his trip, and a gallery with a few […]

What? Pages

Even though I’m not in QA (Quality Assurance) any longer, I still manage to run across my fair share of bugs that reveal some amusing things at work. Today, as a result, I managed to find some fun new city names, such as… Ninety Six, SC Eighty Eight, KY Six Mile Run, PA Fruita, CO […]

Summer Strings

This summer has been flying by, and so has the traffic on my website. OK, not so much the latter, but nonetheless I have some random search strings from June and July to share… pixelated!! – Vectors!! a lot of interesting thoughts – Here? break up if they kiss someone else – Like, totally difference […]