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This is the fastest book I’ve finished in at least 5 years. And sadly, the first book I’ve finished in about a year. My ratio of starting to finishing isn’t that great, but I was certainly happy to find this book such an interesting and quick read. For a book about economics and basically what […]

2005 Messenger Worlds

The Morning News has got a great article on this year’s Cycle Messenger World Championships in NYC, titled, No Yellow Jerseys Here. The photo gallery is quite good too, and takes me back two years ago to the crazy weekend watching the Messenger Worlds held in Seattle. The photos I took from that weekend can […]

Do Not Fly, Unless You Want To

On Tuesday, I went on my first business trip, which consisted of an exhausting day trip down to LA and back. Upon arriving at the airport early in the morning, I went to the e-ticket check-in kiosk, and started the process. I entered my confirmation number, confirmed my name and flight, and clicked continue… “We’re […]

Le Bore de Lance

I’m officially calling the Tour de France over, and giving Lance his 7th win. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit, especially the day before they hit the Pyrenees, but I don’t see there being much of a contest left. Lance’s major competition is all more than 2 1/2 minutes behind, which may not seem […]

Heated Discussion

One of my oldest posts has seen some recent attention, and I never would have thought that The Admiral would be the target of such retaliation. On top of it, they’re insulting my elephant drawings. In defense of the drawings, well… I know they’re not great. I really need to go back to the zoo […]

Blue Doors

Lesser, and More on Video

So here I was just hitting the recent Waxy Links and I checked out the funny, banned marketing virals for the videogame Destroy All Humans. At the end of the third one, I was surprised when I recognized the face of the guy in the Yoda-ear hat. It was none other than the brilliant Frank […]