Sculpture as Design or Design as Sculpture

Noguchi Table A week or so ago, I had the priviledge of going to a work-related seminar that took place at the Seattle Art Museum, and as an added bonus during our lunch break we were able to check out the Isamu Noguchi exhibit that had just opened. I remembered some of his work from art classes in college, and from various public sculpture parks (my parents are pretty big on sculpture). The exhibit was quite good, including some of the stage and dance props he worked on, his stone sculptures (my personal favorites), and his furniture design. I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

Calder Stegosaurus Last weekend I took a walk up through Volunteer Park, where there also happens to be a Noguchi sculpture. In addition, there’s another large sculpture from one of my favorite artists, Alexander Calder. Probably most known for his mobiles, and his half-automaton, half-puppet wire circus (link to video on the page too), he’s also the one who does those giant orange steel pointy things. My first exposure to his stuff was in Hartford, CT where his three-story Stegosaurus (pictured at left) made a big impression on me. I was at the perfect age to be excited by dinosaur-related things and also exciting new climbing challenges; in this case awe-inspiring, pieces of orange steel.

Although both of their styles are quite different, I would say that Noguchi’s and Calder’s work are both quite similar in their ideas and execution, not to mention years ahead their time in terms of design aesthetic. But I think I’ll need to save up a couple million dollars more before I can think about buying.

On the opposite side of the topic of art, I might as well throw in a link to this great McSweeney list: Things Not Overheard at a Conceptual-Art Gallery Opening.

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