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Yesterday ushered in the latest round of Google vs. Yahoo, this for that, innovations by competition. Google introduced their improved Personalized Search, which basically compiles your search history and then begins to tailor results to what it thinks you need. If you regularly search for and follow music-related results and one day do a search […]

Desktop Sized Hole

By request (see Jason, I didn’t forget), here’s a couple desktop-sized versions of this photo I took a while ago. (1600×1200) (1280×1024) (1024×768)

Climbing Skillz

Seen on the corkboard at my regular climbing gym: Upcoming Clinics Skills You Hope to Never Use This week: Cutting the Belay Next week: Self-Amputation (actual upcoming classes were: Passing a Knot While Belaying and Disengaging the Belay and Setting up a Five-to-One Pulley System)

MIT Weblog Survey

Sculpture as Design or Design as Sculpture

A week or so ago, I had the priviledge of going to a work-related seminar that took place at the Seattle Art Museum, and as an added bonus during our lunch break we were able to check out the Isamu Noguchi exhibit that had just opened. I remembered some of his work from art classes […]

Lightning Bolt: The Movie

What could be better than the classic bit of LARPing (Quicktime) caught on video? How about an entire documentary on a live-action role-playing event! Darkon The Movie (Quicktime). With some modest production values, decent camera work and a pounding faux string-and-brass soundtrack, it doesn’t look too bad (awkward amateur acting aside). And just to preempt […]

Two Things

First is Woot.com which is an interesting approach to selling things online. One electronics item listed per day (usually coming from overstock or close-outs), at a really good price. Not always the most exciting stuff, but it’s different every day and hot items usually sell out fast. If nothing else, the descriptions they write for […]

Moral Dilemmas 101

Since morality in itself is a big question mark, how can we learn anything about it except by asking more questions? Here are a few moral dilemmas I’ve witnessed recently… 1. The classic example we witnessed at the Summit a couple months ago. A guy and his girl sitting at the bar, both incredibly drunk. […]

Gnarled Creatures

Perfectly articulating my previous thoughts on Ron Howard, Andrew Wright writes about Cinderella Man in The Stranger: If a gnarled creature were grown in a lab, bred and designed by unfeeling scientists to spend its soulless existence craving and consuming only Oscars… well, it would still come up short to Ron Howard’s latest ï¬?lm. White […]

Stringing me along

The months keep flying by, so here’s a round-up of the more interesting April and May search strings. As always, my search strings are rather heavy on the sexual and drinking angle, which either says something about the content of my blog, or what people typically search for on the Internet. Or both… hairy rhinocerous […]