Now, More Than Ever

First, watch this teaser for Comedian, which has been around for a while.

Second, laugh as you watch this brand new teaser trailer for The Da Vinci Code.

After looking at the cast line-up for The Da Vinci Code, and after seeing the trailer for Cinderella Man, I’ve determined that Ron Howard has created an entirely new film genre that his pictures fit into: the “Oscar contender” genre, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. It’s starting to get painful now. Please stop, Ron.

4 thoughts on “Now, More Than Ever

  1. Shannon Post author

    The saving grace of The Da Vinci code is that it stars Tom Hanks (the best actor ever at playing a character who has really very little characterization).

    But what you really should be saying is “Please stop, Dan Brown.”

  2. The Admiral Post author

    the teaser is a bit ridiculous, but at least the cast is good. i mean c’mon, gandolf and the professional?…

    …and forest gump?

    how can that be bad.


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