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All Heard in a Day

Yesterday, between watching usability tests and helping out with the interview process for a candidate at work, as well as walking around downtown, I heard quite a few interesting phrases throughout the day. Here are a few.

Numerous times, all from one individual:
“I just wind ’em up and let ’em go.”
“Y’know, set ’em up, and knock ’em down.”
“I try to deal with the loggerhead…”
“It’s just a gas when things go right.”

“If I’m gonna list myself on online, I might as well go whole-hog.”

“Well, it didn’t jump out at me and shake my hand.”

Q: “What do you think the term ‘Partner supplied listing’ means?”
A: “Information that was supplied by someone’s wife or husband?”

Q: “What did you think the lock icons meant?”
A: “That it’s, y’know… locked. But I don’t usually lock things.”

“So, when you execute an acquisition, do you generally do the scouting yourself?”

“What? No. I can barely hear you, I’m on the elevator right now.”

WordPress, Comment Spam, the usual

I recently upgraded to WordPress 1.5, which has some nice added features. I also tried installing the new Spam Karma 2, which unfortunately sucks. I’m sure if it’s working correctly, it’s quite helpful, but after monkeying around with permissions, directory locations, and plugin settings, it still couldn’t give me the options/admin page without a ton of errors. It was also blocking every single comment that people tried posting. I decided to scrap it, and I was able to rescue some of the real comments that were blocked on my last post. I’m going to try relying on WordPress’ own built-in blacklisting and moderation tools for now. Let me know if you continue to run into problems trying to comment.

Now, More Than Ever

First, watch this teaser for Comedian, which has been around for a while.

Second, laugh as you watch this brand new teaser trailer for The Da Vinci Code.

After looking at the cast line-up for The Da Vinci Code, and after seeing the trailer for Cinderella Man, I’ve determined that Ron Howard has created an entirely new film genre that his pictures fit into: the “Oscar contender” genre, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. It’s starting to get painful now. Please stop, Ron.

10 Reasons Why Public Search Won’t Last, and is Here to Stay

First, some suggested sites and reading… (getting a lot of ridiculous attention lately)… (more transparent and informative, with links directly to the sources of the records)… NYTimes on Public Data theftWired News Interviews ZabaSearch.comWired News on the National Real ID actand again here.

Common response: “Oh my god! Anyone can find my information on the Internet! It’s a horrible breach of privacy and my civil liberties are at risk!”

First off, well before the Internet was even conceived, pretty much anyone could find your information. Second, your civil liberty regarding “the right to privacy” is long gone. Get used to it.

There’s been a lot of attention given to “Public Search” companies lately, and to a degree, some of the same issues are being raised again now with the National Real ID bill cruising through Congress. Is our private information at risk? Is Public Search here to stay? What can I do? Well, I’m going to try to write up a list of mildly-informed, and semi-coherent reasons and justifications on both sides of the fence. I think I’ll call it: “10 Reasons Why Public Search Won’t Last, and is Here to Stay.” Gotta love contradictions. Here we go…

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ten10 five05

In the mail or in your hands:

1. I Am An Astronaut – Ricky Wilde
2. Festival – Dungen
3. Puka – IQU
4. 0078h – M83
5. Speak Low (Bent Remix) – Billie Holiday
6. Marching the Hate Machines (feat. The Flaming Lips) – Thievery Corporation
7. Close Your Eyes – Chemical Brothers
8. Run Into Flowers – M83
9. 16 Military Wives – The Decemberists
10. Since U Been Gone – Ted Leo
11. Once Around the Block – Badly Drawn Boy
12. The Journey (feat. Lateef) – Fatboy Slim
13. Haiti – The Arcade Fire
14. Pushy vs. Jack and Diane (Lumpmeister mix) – Lemon Jelly/John Mellencamp
15. Clap and Shout – Shag

On the third day…

…he totally ripped the cross to shreds, in accordance with the scriptures.

eBay listing for the painting (via)

I think this begs the question: Which is a better demonstration of you being the Son of God, (a) getting crucified, dying, coming back three days later, and then disappearing on the fourth, or (b) getting nailed to a cross, NOT dying, and then splintering the cross with your god-like strength?

If a muscle-bound Jesus isn’t enough to convince you, maybe Kirk Cameron is. Try the “Are You A Good Person?” quiz, and prepare to be judged by Mike Seaver himself. God is angry with me.

Scrabble: Now with more cheating!

A quick round-up:

smugs: Not a word, but allowed, because it seemed like one
smoltens: Definitely not a word, but allowed with the above because it was a lot of points (98)
arrivers: Definitely a word, but was not allowed because we had no dictionary to confirm (would have scored 148 points!)
goosing: A valid word

aa, ae and ai are all valid 2-letter words and were played numerous times. um and un are also words.

pinot and noir may be French, but are also valid.

Q-without-U word used: qat

xi is pronounced ‘zI’ or ‘ksI’, not ‘zee’ or ‘see’