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All Heard in a Day

Yesterday, between watching usability tests and helping out with the interview process for a candidate at work, as well as walking around downtown, I heard quite a few interesting phrases throughout the day. Here are a few. Numerous times, all from one individual: “I just wind ‘em up and let ‘em go.” “Y’know, set ‘em […]

WordPress, Comment Spam, the usual

I recently upgraded to WordPress 1.5, which has some nice added features. I also tried installing the new Spam Karma 2, which unfortunately sucks. I’m sure if it’s working correctly, it’s quite helpful, but after monkeying around with permissions, directory locations, and plugin settings, it still couldn’t give me the options/admin page without a ton […]

Now, More Than Ever

First, watch this teaser for Comedian, which has been around for a while. Second, laugh as you watch this brand new teaser trailer for The Da Vinci Code. After looking at the cast line-up for The Da Vinci Code, and after seeing the trailer for Cinderella Man, I’ve determined that Ron Howard has created an […]

Video Performances – Lee Walton

This guy got some web meme attention a short while ago for his Free Throw Competition, shot-for-shot against Shaquille O’Neal. He’s got quite a few other interesting videos of performance pieces, that all strike me as more playful than anything else. What else should performance art be, if not fun? One of my favorites is, […]

Stunts of Manly Magnificence

How to perform strong-man stunts, including how to tear a phonebook in half. Don’t miss page 5′s Muscle Building Course… In order to bring the digestive and evacuatory systems under control, we must develop the muscles that cover the stomach and abdomen. This in turn builds up a torso of manly magnificence. Sweet.

10 Reasons Why Public Search Won’t Last, and is Here to Stay

First, some suggested sites and reading… (getting a lot of ridiculous attention lately)……… (more transparent and informative, with links directly to the sources of the records)… NYTimes on Public Data theft… Wired News Interviews… Wired News on the National Real ID act… and again here. Common response: “Oh my god! […]

ten10 five05

In the mail or in your hands: 1. I Am An Astronaut – Ricky Wilde 2. Festival – Dungen 3. Puka – IQU 4. 0078h – M83 5. Speak Low (Bent Remix) – Billie Holiday 6. Marching the Hate Machines (feat. The Flaming Lips) – Thievery Corporation 7. Close Your Eyes – Chemical Brothers 8. […]

A little bit like this at 26

Read the rest of the Cat and Girl strip on Birthdays

On the third day…

…he totally ripped the cross to shreds, in accordance with the scriptures. eBay listing for the painting (via) I think this begs the question: Which is a better demonstration of you being the Son of God, (a) getting crucified, dying, coming back three days later, and then disappearing on the fourth, or (b) getting nailed […]

Scrabble: Now with more cheating!

A quick round-up: smugs: Not a word, but allowed, because it seemed like one smoltens: Definitely not a word, but allowed with the above because it was a lot of points (98) arrivers: Definitely a word, but was not allowed because we had no dictionary to confirm (would have scored 148 points!) goosing: A valid […]