Hanging by a String

So much to catch up on after these two crazy weeks. I’ll be back to some regular posts once I get this out of the way. Some of March’s search strings…

incredibles porn – this has been at the top of my search string list for a while now, and it (and it’s variations) now account for more than 25% of my search string hits. Maybe I should start generating some content for these popular searches.
plague – simple, to-the-point
admiral poopy pantsAhoy!
drink shot flu – Vitamin C!
half-mast of flag for march 18 2005 u.s. seattle – I wonder if I actually answered their question
how old is your brother in spanish – same age as in English
octopus tentacles grab girl pet – Sick! Who buys a girl as a pet!?

OK, so there really wasn’t that much new stuff. I’m mostly seeing more and more variations on the old strings, and since I’ve been slacking on the updates, there’s not a whole lot of content to get searched. ‘Til next time.

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