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Connections Connecting

Thanks again to Liz for the ten10 disc (I promise I’ll have mine soon) and more importantly getting me to grab the Arcade Fire album, which is great. Yeah, old news, they’re big stars now, but I’d been living in a musical hole for the past few months and I’m finally catching up on so much missed goodness. And then, poking through the Believer website today, I run across this show review, written by a former college professor of mine (it feels so odd to refer to an indie-geek looking guy, not much older than 30-something, as a ‘professor’): Not Enough Protection From the Song, by Matthew Derby. If you don’t want to see this band perform live (at Sasquatch!) after reading his descriptions, then you can bite me. Or just ask to borrow the album.

Currently I’m also inching my way through two books, “The Design of Everyday Things and, “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto.” Very different subject matter, but so far they manage to cross paths, or hint at crossing paths enough to keep me mesmerized. And what do you know, but Chuck Klosterman also wrote this amusing little piece in the Believer: Mannequin Appropriation Project.

And for no other reason than the fact that I was in Canada a few weeks ago and find this funny: Reasons to Fear Canada

How to Destroy the Earth

From: How to Destroy the Earth

Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.

You’ve seen the action movies where the bad guy threatens to destroy the Earth. You’ve heard people on the news claiming that the next nuclear war or cutting down rainforests or persisting in releasing hideous quantities of pollution into the atmosphere threatens to end the world.


The Earth was built to last. It is a 4,550,000,000-year-old, 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000-tonne ball of iron. It has taken more devastating asteroid hits in its lifetime than you’ve had hot dinners, and lo, it still orbits merrily. So my first piece of advice to you, dear would-be Earth-destroyer, is: do NOT think this will be easy.

Read how to destroy the earth…

What exactly do you do?

I get this question a lot, and very soon I will have a whole new non-explanation to give. I’ve told most of you about the news, but this is just to recap for those who may not have heard…

My primary task at work is, and will still be, to receive hilarious links from coworkers, such as this:
Yahoo’s Mailer-Daemon Automated Reply for Failed E-Mail Delivery is Getting a Little too Intimate

More officially my current position consists of…
Title: Advertising Systems Analyst
Actual: (Acting) Lead QA Engineer
What the hell does that mean?: Bugs, lots and lots of bugs.

But that is all going to change as of mid-May when it will be…
Title: Product Manager
Actual: Everybody’s Worst Enemy
Whaaa?: Google’s definition sums it up pretty well.

Yes, this is good news and I’m happy. I’m also very glad it’s Friday.

Busy Lately, Eh?

Visits from both Elizabeth and my sister, Sarah last week/weekend were excellent, and thoroughly exhausting. I’ll post a few random pictures soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the newest Utility Fixtures posted to Flickr on the left. I really like the gold one I found in Victoria.

My trip to Victoria and Vancouver last weekend was the first time I’d ever been to Canada. Everything there is just a little odd. For the most part it seems very much the same as the U.S. but then you notice little things that are a bit off. For instance, instead of a street sign saying, “Caution When Flashing Yellow” (y’know, the ones with blinking lights on either side), they’re phrased, “Caution When Amber Flashing.” Is that really clearer and quicker to understand for a Canadian? Odd. I did come to love kilometers though. When you’re used to the mileage on highway signs slowly counting down to your destination, kilometers fly by so much quicker.

In addition to everything already feeling slightly “off,” the Canadians are eerily friendly. At first we thought it was just the people at the more tourist-oriented stops, but the friendliness didn’t end. People apologized incessantly, were always smiling and throwing pleasantries around like, well, Canadians, I guess. It all made for a very “It’s a Small World” feel for a lot of the trip.

Cheat sheet for border patrol questions when crossing into Canada (no passport necessary):
“Vancouver” (or Victoria)

Cheat sheet for border patrol questions when crossing back into the U.S. (passports were requested, but driver’s licenses may have sufficed):
“Two nights”

Hanging by a String

So much to catch up on after these two crazy weeks. I’ll be back to some regular posts once I get this out of the way. Some of March’s search strings…

incredibles porn – this has been at the top of my search string list for a while now, and it (and it’s variations) now account for more than 25% of my search string hits. Maybe I should start generating some content for these popular searches.
plague – simple, to-the-point
admiral poopy pantsAhoy!
drink shot flu – Vitamin C!
half-mast of flag for march 18 2005 u.s. seattle – I wonder if I actually answered their question
how old is your brother in spanish – same age as in English
octopus tentacles grab girl pet – Sick! Who buys a girl as a pet!?

OK, so there really wasn’t that much new stuff. I’m mostly seeing more and more variations on the old strings, and since I’ve been slacking on the updates, there’s not a whole lot of content to get searched. ‘Til next time.