Be Cool, Stay in School

So it turns out that this teacher and these highschool kids are up to some pretty cool stuff. I got a second e-mail from the teacher, which clarified some more things. A lot of the kids are street artists and had come across some images from my site on their own. The teacher is trying to have them work on a creative project in the vein of my utility fixture photos, using found objects, etc… If I see any of the results, I’ll definitely share.


This post is to encourage you to do the cool thing and stay in school! And don’t do drugs! Drink only in moderation (once you’re 21, of course)!

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, the other day I got an e-mail from a highschool teacher from Chicago who stumbled across my web site after doing a search for “street art photos” or something like that. She complimented me on my site and asked if I’d mind if she shared it with her highschool class. As an example of what, I don’t know exactly. There are a lot of bigger, fancier, and more frequently-updated weblogs out there. I didn’t object because after all, I’ve been putting all this stuff on the wide-open interweb for a few years now. Enjoy!

To all you typically smart-ass commenters, how about you leave a piece of good advice for our potential highschool visitors…

4 thoughts on “Be Cool, Stay in School

  1. liz

    So you mean I should impart the lesson I learned about how “escort service” really means “hooker,” and that no matter how broke you are you’ll end up wishing you hadn’t done it? Or is it the one about how one rufie will knock her out; three will kill her?

  2. liz

    In 2 weeks I will be able to see knocked out girls at the Summit. Yay!

    Also, my Boston crew wants to out for Sasquatch this year. Are you down?


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