Sneezy McMucous

With the beautiful 70-degree weather comes allergy season. Seattle is currently listed as one of the hotspots for cedar tree pollen. The past two days I’ve turned into a sniffling/sneezy pile of blah. Do you ever get so used to your sneezing fits that you try to get the resonation just right to create an extra loud sneeze sound? Y’know, just for effect? There’s also the option of the operatic singing of your sneeze’s note, which is most fun to perform in the shower. Aaachooooooooooeeeeeeooooooo!

4 thoughts on “Sneezy McMucous

  1. lopolis

    No, that was the workers banging on their chisels in the lobby, removing the old tiles, and repeatedly dropping what sounded like 6 foot long iron poles.


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