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Isn’t it ironic?

I hate to make light of this tragedy (again), but… isn’t it ironic that this issue over the coma-girl’s feeding-tube being inserted and removed is all originally caused by a heart-failure from a potassium deficiency because of an eating disorder! To put it more bluntly (and here I guarantee myself a toasty spot in hell)… […]

On a few lighter notes

After two morbid posts in a row, I thought I’d go a little more light-hearted in this one… Unused Audio Commentary by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, for the Return of the King DVD Banksy installs paintings in NY City museums (posted by Wooster Collective, and disseminated by kottke) Stereogum posts the hilarious Ashton Kutcher […]

White(ish) Supremacists

Once again CNN is pissing me off by making this coma girl (remember the bets?) their top story, when the school shooting should really be there. Apparently 10 dead Native Americans on a poor reservation isn’t as big news as a vegetable in Florida who has had her feeding tube removed and inserted a dozen […]

Early this Mourning

Walking to work this morning I noticed the flags at half-mast. My first thought was that I somehow missed the news of a major disaster, another 9/11, a tsunami, or Mt. Rainier erupting. I started glancing at the front of the newspaper boxes, looking for a headline tragic enough to lower the city’s flags. By […]

Be Cool, Stay in School

*UPDATE* So it turns out that this teacher and these highschool kids are up to some pretty cool stuff. I got a second e-mail from the teacher, which clarified some more things. A lot of the kids are street artists and had come across some images from my site on their own. The teacher is […]

Sneezy McMucous

With the beautiful 70-degree weather comes allergy season. Seattle is currently listed as one of the hotspots for cedar tree pollen. The past two days I’ve turned into a sniffling/sneezy pile of blah. Do you ever get so used to your sneezing fits that you try to get the resonation just right to create an […]

String me along

A measly 4 posts since I did my last search string roundup. I blame it on the short and busy month of February. And the groundhogs. Anyway, let’s just get this out of the way: chair hit – here numchuck skills – GOSH! disney’s – A ride? A themepark? Jason’s new employer? young feet […]