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Isn’t it ironic?

I hate to make light of this tragedy (again), but… isn’t it ironic that this issue over the coma-girl’s feeding-tube being inserted and removed is all originally caused by a heart-failure from a potassium deficiency because of an eating disorder! To put it more bluntly (and here I guarantee myself a toasty spot in hell)… She didn’t want to eat in the first place, so why feed her now! Oooo, buuuurn.

Also, “66 Uses for Persistent Vegetards“.

And, the Terri Schiavo Status Firefox Extension, based on the Abe Vigoda Plugin.

On a few lighter notes

After two morbid posts in a row, I thought I’d go a little more light-hearted in this one…

Unused Audio Commentary by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, for the Return of the King DVD

Banksy installs paintings in NY City museums (posted by Wooster Collective, and disseminated by kottke)

Stereogum posts the hilarious Ashton Kutcher as Kevin Federline underwear commercial from SNL.

I haven’t even watched it yet, but I already give it my official stamp of amusement to the trailer for, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo.

White(ish) Supremacists

Once again CNN is pissing me off by making this coma girl (remember the bets?) their top story, when the school shooting should really be there. Apparently 10 dead Native Americans on a poor reservation isn’t as big news as a vegetable in Florida who has had her feeding tube removed and inserted a dozen times for the past year and a half.

Brief side rant on coma girl: Plenty of the news photos shown have people holding signs saying, “Have Mercy on Terri.” Are these people for or against removing the feeding tube? Yeah, it’s a complex debate once you throw religion and all that crap into the mix, but after more than a year “living” in this state, I think “mercy” definitely means letting her go. Plus, IT’S WHAT SHE WANTED!

And in regards to the shooting, CNN just changed the headline at least a couple times in front of my eyes… First was something like, “10 dead in Native reservation shooting,” and then a few minutes ago it was, “School shootings suspect may have had neo-Nazi leanings.” This one caught my attention because this link has been floating around the internet all day, clearly showing message posts by the guy, detailing his neo-Nazi beliefs (not “leanings”). And literally 5 minutes later I refreshed CNN and the headline changed to, “School shootings suspect apparently had neo-Nazi leanings.”

*NOTE – As I finished writing this entire post, the headline changed again to, “Alleged neo-Nazi leanings of shooting suspect.”

Reading his message posts, and the responses, got me pretty pissed (as one would expect from a neo-Nazi message board) at the idiotic hypocrisy of a Native American siding with white supremacists, against African Americans and Jews. I won’t even try ranting any more about this because it turns out it was a self-correcting situation, with some unfortunate casualties.

Now, can we just set up a giant coliseum and put all of the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, black militants, Latino gangs, etc… in there together, and let them “discuss” their differences? Keep the rest of us out of it, and leave the fucking schools alone.

Early this Mourning

Walking to work this morning I noticed the flags at half-mast. My first thought was that I somehow missed the news of a major disaster, another 9/11, a tsunami, or Mt. Rainier erupting. I started glancing at the front of the newspaper boxes, looking for a headline tragic enough to lower the city’s flags. By the time I actually got to my desk and started going through my e-mail inbox, I’d completely forgotten about the flags and the potential apocalypse and went about my hectic morning. Nobody else ever mentioned a tragedy.

So I just got back from grabbing lunch. I saw the flags again and remembered to check this time. It’s actually pretty sad that it took me so long to figure it out. Nothing on CNN, nothing on the NY Times site… Finally I found this story on the Seattle Times website, with the unfortunate URL “copdrown”. I don’t know what’s more depressing: that it took me so long to find the actual reason for mourning; or that my first thought was that it must be some international disaster, and that the possibility of an important local figure dying didn’t even occur to me.

On a (possibly) lighter note, this all ties in to a lunchtime conversation I had with Meloknee yesterday. When is it OK to start making jokes about tragic events? I don’t think 9/11 jokes will ever be OK because of all the extra patriotic baggage that’s been attached to the event. What about bomb in airport jokes? Does the terrorist association have a stranglehold over this potential bag o’ funny? Tsunami jokes? Is the mourning period shorter for international, mass-desctruction events than it is for smaller-scale national events? I’ve heard a a number of Challenger disaster jokes, which I guess means 9 years is long enough for an accident such as that.

Be Cool, Stay in School

So it turns out that this teacher and these highschool kids are up to some pretty cool stuff. I got a second e-mail from the teacher, which clarified some more things. A lot of the kids are street artists and had come across some images from my site on their own. The teacher is trying to have them work on a creative project in the vein of my utility fixture photos, using found objects, etc… If I see any of the results, I’ll definitely share.


This post is to encourage you to do the cool thing and stay in school! And don’t do drugs! Drink only in moderation (once you’re 21, of course)!

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, the other day I got an e-mail from a highschool teacher from Chicago who stumbled across my web site after doing a search for “street art photos” or something like that. She complimented me on my site and asked if I’d mind if she shared it with her highschool class. As an example of what, I don’t know exactly. There are a lot of bigger, fancier, and more frequently-updated weblogs out there. I didn’t object because after all, I’ve been putting all this stuff on the wide-open interweb for a few years now. Enjoy!

To all you typically smart-ass commenters, how about you leave a piece of good advice for our potential highschool visitors…

Sneezy McMucous

With the beautiful 70-degree weather comes allergy season. Seattle is currently listed as one of the hotspots for cedar tree pollen. The past two days I’ve turned into a sniffling/sneezy pile of blah. Do you ever get so used to your sneezing fits that you try to get the resonation just right to create an extra loud sneeze sound? Y’know, just for effect? There’s also the option of the operatic singing of your sneeze’s note, which is most fun to perform in the shower. Aaachooooooooooeeeeeeooooooo!

String me along

A measly 4 posts since I did my last search string roundup. I blame it on the short and busy month of February. And the groundhogs. Anyway, let’s just get this out of the way:

chair hithere
numchuck skills – GOSH!
disney’s – A ride? A themepark? Jason’s new employer?
young feet smell – Old feet stink
comments on imaginary girlfriends – Yeah. No comment.
goatherd herd – A little repetitive redundant?
solar powered sex machine – My imaginary girlfriend works rain or shine.
women’s chunkie shoes – try Masai Barefoot Technology!