It’s string time again

My favorite search strings from January (my highest traffic month to date!)…

chris chase taylor blog stranger – OK, this isn’t a favorite. Who’s stalking me? Thankfully, only my main site shows up.
what font does jeb bush use for logo – Whaaa?
you know like numchuck skills bowhunting skills computer hackin – Flippin’ sweet!
art – chris taylor – I am Art!
drinkskill – I prefer to read this as “drink skill” and not “drinks kill”
how many hours to get from seattle to portland – by bike, you’re looking at about 17 hours
thermometer up the bum video – “Once used rectally, thermometer should not be used orally
wtf is a roflcopter – OMG n00b!

Keep the ridiculous searches coming, and I’ll keep posting stupid stuff.

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