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Month February 2005

Text Message Wrong Number

I received the following text message from a Connecticut # at 8AM Saturday morning: Junior iflandlord ask for inot here ok monday i give the rest money

Calling All Hoochies

Yesterday evening I walked by the Paramount Theater, where Ashlee Simpson was performing. ::shudder::

Christo’s Orange Laundry as Art?

There are articles and commentaries and complaints and photos galore of The Gates in Central Park, so I couldn’t resist chiming in on some of the more interesting bits I’ve seen. The New York Times has a collection of reader views on the installation, ranging from the expected “ohmygodIloveit” to the, “What a waste of […]

On screen

I really ought to start a new blog/site specifically for posting links to videos and trailers on the web. Until then, here’s some more crap… Apple has the TV spots aired during the Superbowl online, including Batman Begins. FoxSports.com has got a summary of the Superbowl ads, with links to web versions of a bunch. […]

It’s string time again

My favorite search strings from January (my highest traffic month to date!)… chris chase taylor blog stranger – OK, this isn’t a favorite. Who’s stalking me? Thankfully, only my main site shows up. what font does jeb bush use for logo – Whaaa? you know like numchuck skills bowhunting skills computer hackin – Flippin’ sweet! […]

Like a phonebook, but funnier!

Working at a company that is essentially a giant phonebook online, you spend a good chunk of your day looking at web pages such as this. Here are some of the more amusing results we’ve found that are actually listed in our database (and most likely many phonebooks across the country)… Asdf Asdf (4) Asdf […]