Stringy New Year!

December was my site’s busiest month to date (traffic-wise, not bandwidth) and I really wasn’t sure why until I looked at my search string results. The holiday season brought 199 hits for the phrase “bad santa.” A certain photo I took at a Christmas party last year is on the ninth page of Google’s image search.

In addition to misbehaving Santa pictures, a certain other subject brought a lot of traffic here last month. Last time I summarized my search strings, I mentioned “elastigirl ass” and “Incredibles porn.” I should have known better. Of course animation-related, and especially Disney-related porn has a huge following on the interporn… er, pornterweb… I mean… International Library of Porngress. The total was around 300+ hits for naughty Incredibles or Elastigirl-related search strings. And with this paragraph, I’m sure I’ve solidified my position even more.

Here are some of the less-popular, but rather amusing strings from December…

hairy cheeks – this makes me giggle
anchorman will ferrell photos gun show – I’ve got my two tickets
giddy quotes – tee-hee!
i like my women like i like my jokes – Old and tired?
is there art without an audience – maybe I should go back to taking this site more seriously
jedzillahere he is in Japan
snot guns – I got two. One for each of ya. ::sniff::
web browther – thurfing the web with a lithp

7 thoughts on “Stringy New Year!

  1. alex shepard

    Over the last two months, meatfreezer’s top search target has been “fights.” As in hockey fights, as in the night we all went to see the Tbirds game and saw the fights. 20th search result on Google Image Search for “fights.” =)


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